Thalassotherapy and classproperty

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 It is strange that our planet is called 
 Earth. It would be much fairer 
 be called a planet Ocean. 
 S. A. Bogdanov, P. A. Kaplin, S. N. Nikolaev

According to one of the existing theories of evolutionary transformation apes (primates) in hominid (family, the development of which culminated in the formation of modern man) occurred at sea littoral zone, where their ancestors were attracted by the abundance of diverse and easily produced protein. Littoral is dry during low tides and flooded at high tide, lots of sea coasts. "In the tropical belt of the Earth open sea shore, " says C. D. Panfilov (1974, C. 160),is the most favourable for people's health areas, where fewer infections. Good bactericidal properties and sea water, with which our ancestors constantly had to deal, in which willingly plunged during the hot hours of the day."
If the life of the ancient people really proceeded on the sea coast, in the structure and functions of the human body must be preserved, apparently, features fitness to this natural environment. Is it because they are so attractive and now?
Anyway in the recreational practice coasts has a very important role. Indeed, wherever returned the man, followed by questions about the weather, usually interested in: was it possible to fish, swim, ride a boat, shallow or deep water, what are the beaches. It is also known that around towns and cities recreation areas are mostly located at the water, and the largest number resort areas in the country is located on the shores of seas, lakes, rivers and reservoirs. With water connected with the possibility of many recreational activities: swimming and snorkeling, trekking, kayaking, Windsurfing, sailing, rowing boats, boat trips, boats, fishing, water slalom (on the mountain rivers), just to name a few. And many are attracted to the rest near the water just from an aesthetic point of view, saying that the water is nice to look - not boring.
The combination of air and sun baths with swimming (especially offshore) and being on the beach (as doctors say, thalassotherapy and classproperty) promotes training neurohumoral, cardiovascular and other mechanisms of thermoregulation, metabolism and breathing, normalizing and stimulating the vital processes of the organism.
When a person is on the beach, it is affected by a complex of natural factors: air environment with addition of iodine and volatile algae, increased ionization of the air, solar radiation, and while bathing to this is added to the pressure and movement of water, the impact of temperature and salt content. In the water considerably increases the mobility of people. This makes for a great coaching and tempering effect. Added to this is the positive vision that can be obtained on the picturesque shores of various water bodies, changing throughout the day and much distracting from irritating thoughts and improves the General tone of the man.
We can talk a lot about the advantages of a warm front of the Northern coast, small wild beaches on the small rivers in front of the magnificent stretches of the great Russian rivers.
How to approach a positive role coasts and thalassotherapy for recreation and tourism? Apparently, it is important to know the duration and seasonality bathing, opportunities for solar and air baths. During the same periods, usually conducted and most of the classes on the water, in water and on the beach. It should be noted that the average date of the beginning and end of the swimming season, received on long-term materials, other than those observed in some years, as they relate to variable weather conditions and thermal regime of water bodies. In this regard, it is desirable to have data on the average, but in extreme dates of the swimming season, is characteristic especially hot and extremely cold years. It should be noted that extreme dates come not at the same time on the shores of different water basins of our vast country. For example, the start of the bathing season can be late on the Bulgarian black sea coast and to be in the same year or even early in the Baltic States and so on