Belly dance: benefit or harm?

Very popular in recent years are Oriental dances. Elastic slender female body who amazing movement under rhythmical music, delights in men. The woman in this dance sees the opportunity to escape from everyday life, to make the body more beautiful. Opinions of instructors and representatives of manual therapy about the safety dance diverge.

"Osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia in the future," told vertebrologists. Chiropractors argued that the cause of these diseases is the vibration of the spine representatives of the dance. More than half of our population suffers from spinal deformity and poor posture, it is because of these diseases initially, we exposed the difficulty depreciation of intervertebral disks. Constant stress, shaking badly affect the spine, so that hernia and other diseases of the spinal joints is just a matter of a short time.
Flatfoot for dancers can cause such diseases as: herniated disc, arthrosis, arthritis. In addition, irregular shape of the foot for dancers, belly dancing is bad for the tendons of the feet and this is often fraught with injuries. Everyone knows that during pregnancy inflated muscles impede the normal development of the fetus. Now, gynecologists bother you that during the dance at high loads muscles press increases in size. From dance to stay away should and those suffering from various diseases associated with sexual ways, as it can cause deterioration. Pregnant and trying to conceive children, women, is not suitable to dance, the effects can be terrible. Large blood loss and pain in the lower abdomen will feel women dancing during the menstrual cycle.
All of the above applies mainly to the fairer sex, professionally engaged in belly dancing. All because of daily heavy load. No threat not bear Amateur activities, as in this case, the organism load is minimal. Dance, not demanding, can be called beneficial. He miraculously strengthens the body and the immune system. Special techniques enhance coordination and correct defects posture. In addition, this is a great opportunity to cheer up, to feel loved and desired.
You can compare it with the drugs, the main thing is to find the right dose. And Yes, before pursuing this hobby, you must take the time to treatment of the spine.