Cockroaches are insects of the squad Belonging. In the USSR was known about 50 species; greatest practical interest Blatta orientalis - black cockroach (Fig. 1) and Blattella germanica - red cockroach, or Prusak (Fig. 2). Cockroaches are often inhabit uncomfortable dwellings, as well as canteens, kitchens, bakeries and so on; during the daytime they hide in the cracks of the buildings, creep out at night in search of food and drink. Eat flour products, meat, vegetables and organic waste. Perepalka from trash to food of people, contaminate it, can carry pathogens of enteric and other infections, eggs of parasitic worms.
To prevent the emergence and settlement cockroaches observe cleanliness in the rooms, kitchens, stores, food enterprises, to keep track of their sanitary condition.cockroaches
Fig. 1. Black cockroach (male). Fig. 2. Red cockroach (female).

How to get rid of cockroaches

To kill cockroaches, used grain baits dipped 1.5 percent aqueous solution hlorofosa or a mixture of 0,5-1% water solution hlorofosa and carbon ammonium. In premises it is recommended to irrigate places of possible accumulation of cockroaches 3% water solution hlorofosa in the amount of 50-100 ml/m2 (depending on the ability of the surface to absorb moisture). Also effective 5% Douste of methylacetate (10 - 20 gr/L.2). In places where the cockroaches is recommended to pour a thin layer of boric acid or handle them aerosol insecticides, intended for the destruction of non-flying insects.