Dandelion medicinal

a dandelionDandelion (Taraxacum officinale). Perhaps, none of the plants is not settled around so fast as he is. Especially in the spring and summer often, wherever I look, everywhere are seen or its Golden flowers or fluffy white balls seeds. Prolific dandelion: in one basket can be up to 200 hemicarps with paralytically that help the plant to spread.
In our country is growing 203 species of dandelions, but the most famous among them are medicinal. Has long been treated him decoctions and infusions. At illnesses of a liver, and to increase appetite apply the grass and roots of the dandelion. Harvested roots in the late autumn, when the leaves will wither. Cut off from root fragments of leaves, root collar, all shallow roots and the thin end, washed and podkalyvayut few days on the air. As ceases to appear milky juice when nakazanii, then you can transfer them in warm, well-ventilated room and dried, lay in one layer. Sometimes digging for roots and spring before flowering and dried along with the small young leaves.
Very useful vitamin salad young leaves of the dandelion. And the bitterness is not an obstacle, it disappears is half an hour to hold sheets in salt water.
There is a growing dandelion throughout the country, except for the Far North and Central Asian deserts.