Traumas and tumors of the pelvis

Pelvic injury can be divided into open and closed; among them distinguish: 1) soft tissue damage, 2) the pelvic ring, 3) combined injuries - often with rupture of the bladder or rectum.
Fractures of the pelvis relate to serious injuries. They occur most often in the mining industry and transport. There are isolated pelvis fractures (broken bones anterior pelvic ring, fractures of the acetabulum, vertical fractures of the pelvis, breaks symphysis) and fractures of the pelvis with damage to the urethra, bladder, colon and other organs.
The symptomology of injuries of the pelvis, especially with fractures of his, damage, abdomen and pelvic organs, for the most part consists of General manifestations of severe trauma, mainly shock (see), and a number of local symptoms include swelling, sudden pain in the place of the fracture, fracture of violation of pelvic ring - tenderness with pressure on frontal and sagittal axes of the pelvis; often crepitus, pathological mobility bone fragments; when damaged pelvic - related symptoms (see Urinary bladder, Urethra. The rectum). When providing first aid should be remembered that for suspected damage to the organs of the pelvis to examination by a doctor of the drugs you cannot enter. Transported patients with fractures of the pelvis on the shield on his back, with bent legs (roller knees), and fractured sacrum - in position on his stomach.
Injuries of the pelvis are often accompanied by the formation of a blood clot, which can nagnaivatsya and be complicated by phlegmon (see).
The nature of injuries of the pelvis is specified in the hospital radiographically.
Among gunshot wounds pelvis distinguish gunshot wounds of soft tissues, wound with damage to bone and joint injuries with damage to pelvic and abdominal organs. Among the complications of injuries of the pelvis most serious is the osteomyelitis (see) pelvic bones, sepsis (see).
Treatment. Fractures of the pelvis - protivosokovh activities, laying the patient on a shield, according to testimony - skeletal traction. If the damage in the pelvic organs - the high section of the bladder (see Cystotomy), the imposition of unnatural anus (see Anus praeternaturalis). Treatment of injuries of the pelvis - see the Wounds, the wounds.
Among tumours pelvic bones are usually more benign tumors (chondroma, osteochondroma, brain tumors and malignant osteosarcoma. Treatment of benign tumors online; malignant - combined (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy).