Tea medicinal

Tea drug - drink that has medicinal properties and is made from the dried, coarsely chopped different parts of medicinal plants. For example, in tea is delicious herb wormwood grass and yarrow (4 : 1); tea vitamin consists of the fruit of the wild rose fruits and black currant or rosehip and berries mountain ash (equal parts). Prescribe medicinal tea in the form of infusion or decoction: teaspoon or tablespoon of medicinal tea is brewed in a glass of water, insist, filtered and taken in accordance with the assignment. Cm. also Medicinal plants.

Tea drug - drink, which is made from a mixture of different dry parts of medicinal plants. The mixture is boiled in hot water (1-2 chain. L. on 1 glass of water), insist within 1-2 hours. further use for therapeutic purposes. Fees (mixture) for medicinal tea usually include not only the organs of plants, has a particular physiological effect, but the ingredients from plants, which gives tea a pleasant smell, and sometimes and improve the taste.
The most known medicinal teas: 1) appetizing (see Bitterness); 2) carminative (mainly from Valerian roots, leaves, peppermint, chamomile flowers, grass marjoram, the fruit of fennel and cumin); 3) vitamin (fruit trees, bilberry, mountain ash, cranberries, nettle leaves, carrot root); 4) breast (Althaea roots, licorice, violet, flowers korovjaka, mallow, leaves a large plantain, mother-and-stepmother, grass marjoram, the fruits of anise, fennel, pine buds, flowers, sage); 5) choleretic (baskets immortelle with the addition of leaves of Tripoli, mint, yarrow and sage, rhubarb root, fruits coriander and fennel); 6) gastrointestinal (from knitting fruit of the cherry, blueberry, the roots of the coil, tormentil, Burnet, alder cones, are sometimes added sage leaves and caraway seeds); 7) diuretics (mainly include bearberry leaves, juniper berries, cornflower, birch buds); 8) a softening (chamomile flowers, mallow, black elder, sage leaves, flax seed, grass clover); 9) diaphoretic (lime flowers, fruits, raspberries, grass marjoram, the fruits of anise, leaves mother-and-stepmother, elderberry flowers);
10) laxatives (buckthorn bark, the fruit of Zostera, Senna leaves, licorice root, sometimes the fruits of anise, coriander, fennel); 11) depressants (Valerian root, leaf peppermint and caraway seeds, fennel).