Massage of gums

Finger massage (or rather, automassage) gum is a very important place in the complex hygienic and treatment-and-prophylactic measures. It eliminates congestion in the gum tissue, promotes activation of metabolic processes and the removal of slag substances (products of metabolism) from the body. Famous Soviet scientists Acting Novik, A. I. Evdokimov, A. I. Rybakov, N. F. Danilevsky and others believe gum massage is one of the most effective methods of prophylaxis of diseases of fabrics of parodont. Correct and timely executed massage increases the resistance of the tissues of the gums harmful to the current stimuli, promotes the seal of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, improves tissue nutrition.
Automassage, i.e. massage, which produces every itself, contains a number of rules and techniques that need to know the nurseto teach patients. Finger automassage gums it is expedient to carry out with treatment-and-prophylactic toothpastesthat contain useful biologically active components ("Forest", "Extra", "Novelty-72", "Romashka", "Azulene" and others). Long-term observations show that the effectiveness of massage and actions of these pastes from this combination is significantly increased, especially in the oral cavity diseases (periodontitis, gingivitis).
Automassage gums by using thumb and index fingers of hands, exciting outdoor (mouth, cheek) and palatal (speaking) surface alveolar bone of the jaw. Usually finger massage starts from the centre of the jaws, gradually moving the fingers on their sides. Fingers produce from the Foundation of the alveolar ridge to the teeth, i.e. on the upper jaw from the top down and the bottom - upwards. Massaging movements of the fingers should not cause pain, and the strength of the movement of the fingers is regulated on the basis of these perceptions. Massaging movements of the fingers should be circular. The described method of automassage most effective. According to Professor Acting Novick, massaging fingers during automassage repeat physiological movement of food in the act of chewing. Massage is performed sequentially in each of the jaws. Useful massage effect is manifested only when it is used systematically. Therefore finger automassage gums should be held regularly, at least once a day, preferably before bedtime, after brushing and rinsing the mouth cavity. After automassage you must re-rinse the mouth with warm water, preferably with any tooth elixir. Duration of automassage gums should not exceed 7 - 8 minutes
Automassage gums should take place after appropriate clinical examination, and preferably under constant supervision of a doctor or a nurse. An obligatory condition is preliminary thorough removal of dental plaque. Otherwise, massage is not only ineffective, but also harmful, because it will lead to personal injury or irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth. In acute inflammatory diseases in the oral cavity massage absolutely contraindicated.