The denture care

It is known that the presence in the mouth fixed or removable dentures substantially impairs the cleaning of the teeth, as it creates favourable conditions for deposits soft plaque. On the other hand, the emergence of mouth dental prostheses suggests that part of the teeth have been lost due to existing dental problems. Therefore, in these conditions the required special and careful care of oral cavity. Meanwhile, studies have shown that only 25-26% of those using dentures regularly follow the rules of oral hygiene. Others produce it from time to time, but often do not quite. Poor hygiene of oral health can lead to an exacerbation or complication existing dental diseases, to their more acute manifestation. In addition, poor hygiene of the oral cavity reduces the lifetime of dental prostheses, which dental deposits appear much faster than natural teeth. Therefore, if there are in the mouth of dentures care of artificial and natural teeth has its own characteristics.
If in the mouth, there are non-removable dentures, care does not differ particularly from the usual. However, in these cases significantly more common gingivitis, parodontosis, stomatitis. In this regard, and methods of cleaning teeth and applied hygiene must be relevant. Most shows in these cases, treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste "Forest", "Novelty-72", "Extra", "Romashka", "Azulene", "the enchantress", which have a good deodorant and therapeutic effect. Especially carefully it is necessary to clear of food residues and plaque space between teeth and gums. Otherwise, can develop bedsores, there inflammation appears breath. This does not prevent the use toothpicks, and basic cleaning of teeth is done with a brush with the subsequent energetic rinsing the mouth with water or water with tooth elixir.
In the presence of removable dentures care of oral cavity consists of the following stages: regular cleaning of the remaining natural teeth, cleaning of removable denture. Care for the remaining teeth should be implemented with a toothbrush and treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste ("Forest", "Extra", "Romashka", "the enchantress", "Novelty-72" and others), as well as tooth elixirs that contains preventive additives ("Health", "Forest", "Eucalyptus" and others) for a suggested above scheme. Cleaning of removable denture is carried out through systematic wash it under running water with the help of tooth-brush, powder or paste. There are special tablets or powder preparations are intended for purification and disinfection removable dentures. So, in our country developed hygienic means "Globus", which is used in the form of tablets. Pill dipped in a glass or Cup, which stores dentures in a period of night rest. Within hours, the drug dissolved in water, it cleans the surface of the removable denture from plaque, food debris, and other, including pigmented coatings. Simultaneously he works on flora, which is available on the dental prosthesis. Mass production of hygienic means "globe" will allow us to better organize the denture care at home.
It should be remembered that persons whose mouth are removable dentures, as well as a combination of fixed and removable dentures, after each meal should be thoroughly rinse mouth. Pre-need to be removed from the mouth prostheses and rinse under running water. This increases the durability of the prostheses, as it saves their strength, and also contributes to the content of the oral cavity in the necessary hygienic condition. Rational and regular oral hygiene and regular dental care prostheses prevent the appearance of breath, reduces the possibility of formation of dental plaque and inflammation in the tissues of the gums. It is necessary to remember and teach patients to hygiene rules.