The use of dental hygiene products

Use of these or other hygienic or medical preventive tooth pastes, powders and potions mainly depends on the condition of teeth and oral cavity. It is this fact is the basis for recommendations of those or other hygienic means.
Children with healthy mucosa, gums, and the absence of lesions of teeth caries can be recommended for the care of the oral cavity special children's toothpaste with a pleasant taste: "Well, wait a minute", "Berry", "Krasnaya Shapochka", "Buratino", "Children" and other Good design pastes and their taste properties are aimed at instilling hygienic skills to children.
The use of tooth powder for cleaning teeth children, we do not suggest for a number of reasons. So, A. I. Rybakov not advised to use tooth powder on the grounds that young children have not learned to control his breathing and may while cleaning inadvertently inhale the powder, causing coughing and other unpleasant sensations. It is quite clear that a child has a dislike for teeth cleaning and subsequently difficult to re-accustom to this required procedure. Use toothpaste exclude similar cases. In addition, dental powders more intensively wash tissue of teeth that in children less strong than in adults.
In multiple lesions of teeth caries, and also with a view to its preduprejdenie children should be encouraged to use toothpaste "Cheburashka", in which there are special provocazione supplements. Our experimental, and then and clinical observations have shown that the systematic application of this paste can reduce the growth of carious teeth almost two times. For this purpose you can use treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste "Pearls" and "Arbat". The application of these toothpastes stabilizes the development of caries lesions, and prevents the development of new ones.
If children have diseases of soft tissues of the mouth (gingivitis, parodontosis, stomatitis), it should be recommended for cleaning teeth, khlorofilla-containing toothpastes "Extra", "Novelty-72", "Forest"and toothpastes that have extracts of various medicinal plants ("Romashka", "Azulene", "the enchantress" and others).
Adults with healthy condition of the mouth can be recommended for the care of teeth any hygienic paste, guided individual taste, cleansing and refreshing properties of those or other hygienic means. However, you can apply and treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste, whose influence on the teeth and the mucous membrane of the mouth, of course, is more useful than hygienic.

The beneficial effect of treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste is based on the high permeability of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Clinical and experimental studies have found that biologically active substances: vitamins, minerals, salts and other easily penetrate through the mucous membrane of the tongue, gums, and heaven and have a beneficial effect on tissues of parodentium. So many pasta enter the extracts of medicinal plants, minerals, salts and separate biologically active substances. Massaging the gums while brushing teeth improves circulation and the processes of absorption, increasing overall metabolic processes in the gums. However, remember that different paste should be applied with meaning, then their beneficial effects will be more complete.
Also, when there is inflammation, bleeding gums should be appointed toothpaste after inspection and survey. Usually if the above phenomena can be recommended chloroperlidae toothpastes ("Forest", "Extra", "Novelty-72"), as well as toothpastes, including extracts and caste medicinal herbs ("Romashka", "Azulene, Biodent", "the enchantress" and others). Cleaning of the teeth of these pastes must be combined with fingertip massage of gums, improves metabolic processes in the tissues of the gums.
However, it is necessary to distinguish bleeding caused a painful condition of the gums, bleeding that is associated with mechanical injury to the mucous membrane of the gums with a toothbrush. If in the first case requires the intervention of a dentist, in the second - bleeding due mostly periodic injury to the mucous membranes. It should not be afraid of, as it usually occurs during the initial period of intensive care for your mouth and soon passes: the gum tissue accustomed to regular massage, strengthened, and bleeding disappears.
The tendency to a rapid emergence of soft plaque and the formation of Tartar , you must use a special toothpastes that contain components solvent protein-lipid basis of dental deposits (the enchantress", "White-pink"). However, remember that a strong, saturated with salts calculus cannot be removed with the help even of special paste. This must be done by a physician with special tools. Such events usually produce one or two times during the year. These toothpastes remove only soft dental Deposit, not allowing them to become hard Tartar. To delete soft plaque can also take advantage of salt toothpaste ("Balm", "Mary"), which have higher cleaning properties than the usual hygienic paste.
In table. 23 and 24 presents summary data on the effectiveness of the application of domestic (including newly created) and some foreign medical-prophylactic toothpaste. Despite some differences in digital data, all of these toothpastes much more useful affect the gum tissue than hygienic; their use is more appropriate.
The high sensitivity of hard tissues of teeth to external stimuli (for example, to cold, sweet, sour, etc.,) that operate normally when eating, drinking or at the contact of the teeth with the cold air, it is necessary to recommend special toothpastes that strengthen tooth tissues: "Pearls", "Arbat", "Cheburashka". Usually their use in a few days, removes unpleasant sensation of pain. Along with this nurse must refer the patient to the doctor, not to miss more serious dental disease.
In table. 25 presents basic information about medical and hygienic properties of toothpastes, most common in the sale, as well as recommendations for use of these funds.
Be used for teeth cleaning powder can only people with a perfectly healthy teeth and mucous membrane of the mouth, as it is hygienic means more rough. Teeth cleaning powder can be made no more than once a day, otherwise may occur premature wear the enamel and dentin.
Brushing any of hygiene or health care resources should end rinsing the mouth with use of tooth elixirs that have a good deodorant and refreshing effect. In addition, many elixirs provide additional therapeutic effect. So, tooth elixirs "Health", "Forest", "Eucalyptus", "Biolexin" should be used when bleeding gums and the presence of inflammatory events. Tooth elixir "Special" must be used in dental caries. With the medical purpose elixir added to the water at a rate of 30-40 drops to a glass. Rinse hold for 2 to 3 minutes, holding in the mouth, to extend the effect of the active components. For hygienic rinsing only 10 - 15 drops in a glass of water. The temperature of the water for rinsing the mouth cavity should not exceed 40-45 C, not to destroy the biologically active additives.