The basics of dental prophylaxis

In the course of development and improvement of Soviet dentistry laid the Foundation for dental prophylaxis as a single system, which is a range of recreational activities aimed at the elimination and prevention of pathological changes in the oral cavity and surrounding tissues.
According to A. I. Rybakov (1973), A. I. Rybakov, A. C. Granin (1976), dental prophylaxis as the system of medical servicing of the population, includes organizational, preventive and therapeutic measures, implementation of which consists of a series of stages.
Organizational measures: 1) determination of dental offices, which will be the Central organization of prevention; 2) drawing up a plan of preventive and therapeutic measures, including clear the deployment of personnel and planning sanation of oral cavity; 3) the choice of methods of prevention; 4) preparation of equipment and equipment; 5) control over the organization of prevention and documentation; 6) medical examination.
Preventive measures: 1) application on the testimony of special diets, including micro-and macro elements, vitamins and other necessary additives and drugs; 2) General health activities; 3) sanitary education of the population; 4) the patronage of separate groups of the population.
Therapeutic measures:
the sanitation of the oral cavity;
General therapeutic activities;
treatment of opportunistic diseases.

Provision of dental prevention at industrial enterprises
The participation of nurses in dental prophylaxis
Sanitary-educational work on prophylaxis of stomatological diseases