Technical innovations in Pediatrics

What would be an innovation in technology may appear, it is often useful to medicine, and often for Pediatrics. The scope of such use almost infinitely expanded.
What technological innovations are used today in Pediatrics? Here are some of them.
The ultrasound. Today there are devices that ultrasound can recognize the state, the position of the fetus in the mother's womb, and also to examine the bodies of the child. To take a look inside the heart, to find out how to operate the valves, "to examine the abdominal cavity organs (liver, kidney), to "see" the skull and assess the activities of the brain, without resorting to surgery. Ultrasound is considerably simplified obtaining information about the state of internal organs, it helps in faster diagnosis of many diseases. Ultrasound is "welding" bone fractures.
Fiber optic cables. Opening the ability of light passing through a flexible fiber led to the creation of special equipment for study of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine (gastroscopy, colonoscopy). With their help it is possible to examine the stomach and intestines, to capture the desired area and even under the control of eyes to take a piece of tissue for examination.
Magnets. They are used, for example, to correct deformed chest in children. With the help of ring-shaped magnets began to restore the patency of the esophagus in children due to its violation after burn.
The imagers. With their help, receive special telegrammy, which shows the distribution of temperature in various parts of the human skin. Improved medical equipment with application of high-frequency currents (UHF), diathermy.
Increasingly expanding research involving the use of radioactive preparations containing radioactive elements. They are used in the examination of the kidneys, liver, suspected swelling of the lungs, abdominal cavity, and to identify defects.
The lasers. Further study of the properties of the laser beams is contributing to a wider application in medicine. They find application in Pediatrics, not only in surgery, but also to influence the healing process.
Electroanalgesia. We are talking about the use of electric currents corresponding frequency during childbirth. They not only relieve pain and help to create good mood in the mother. Women in childbirth using electroanalgesia see nice dreams, and often colored. Observations showed that children born with application electroanalgesia, during delivery no deviations in the further development of unchecked.
As you can see, many modern technology gives the pediatrician. That's why now on the new curriculum changes physics teaching in a medical school. So, starting from this academic year the Department of physics at the medical institutions becomes the Department of medical and biological physics, which will be the teaching of General issues of Biophysics, studied the basics of medical equipment, electronics and medical Cybernetics.