The splendor and misery of technicism

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 All progress is reactionary, 
 if crumbling people. 
 Andrey Voznesensky

On the relationship between doctor and patient currently affects another factor achievements of exact Sciences, advances in medicine, a rapidly developing field of specialization.
In fiction than once remember the good old doctor, who treated the whole family from all diseases. Remember him and in scientific publications. Some authors tend still to see in him the crown of creation medicine, others write, publish obituaries and are a good reflection of its activities. Some see its weakness is the inability to grasp became immense knowledge, others are touched by what he knows of children before their birth, foresees in advance which of its recommendations would be implemented, and ordained you, who is on a friends house.
To be honest, able to communicate with patients, to hear him, to see how it did not burdened technique old doctor, some physicians my generation really is not enough. In this respect, reproaches us, unfortunately, often justified. I will add that the desire to make a modern city district physician family doctor (though less "aware"than in some foreign countries) remains in force. Rights academician of AMS of the USSR F. I. Komarov, considering that from what the local doctor, largely depends on the opinion of the patient in medicine in General.
But we are talking about the therapist, not the doctor in all specialties. If someone decided to return to the doctor-wagon, probably, have protested if patients themselves: there are hardly any mother with the disease of child refuses today from care pediatrician and hardly anyone will agree that eye disease was treated by a General practitioner. And this, incidentally, is distinguished Soviet health care from the health of the majority of foreign countries in which the Central figure of outpatient care even in the big cities remains a General practitioner.
Specialization - the sign of the time, she progressive and unstoppable. The development of highly specialized care and the existence of medicine, turned to the past, incompatible. But specialization has given rise to absolutely new problems. The number of specialists are approaching a number of human organs. Now in medicine there are 350 specialties (N. Schipperges, 1975). And patient-that is one. After all, kidney, or thyroid can before another doctor obscure man! How to combine a high level of training specialists with extensive medical-minded? It seems to me that where there is no past, there are prerequisites to conflicts is the inevitable underestimation of the patient's personality and the revaluation of its own.
Alexander Fedorovich Bilibin I saw a small picture: at the edge of a high cliff is a boy, looking admiringly at the beautiful sky. He will go for the stars or will break down? The picture is called "Kamo gryadeshi" ...
Specialization is closely connected with the achievements of modern exact Sciences, Cybernetics, and technology. Often recall this statement that in each discipline so much science, as mathematics. But the medicine is both science and art. In science it is possible to find the elements of art, and in art - the elements of science. A. Einstein, did not share the above quotes, believed him as a scientist F. M. Dostoevsky gave disproportionately more than the largest of mathematics in the world.