Safety is a complex of measures and technical means to ensure safe working conditions.
In the USSR is a wide system of measures on safety. In the Program of the CPSU provided by the introduction of modern means of safety. and the provision of sanitary-hygienic conditions, eliminating industrial injuries and occupational diseases.
Measures ensuring safe working conditions, based on a comprehensive study of the processes of production and identify the shortcomings in the organization of labour safety. The problem of safety is the path address these weaknesses, the development of effective measures of protection and improvement of working conditions.
With the aim of preventing accidents is provided by the following activities: 1) creation of the security situation in the territory of the enterprise, rational arrangement of passages, passages, adequate illumination; 2) safety of structures and equipment (fencing and automatic safety devices); 3) emergency devices, automatic alarm and labelling in order to take precautions and avoid dangerous errors; 4) the normalization of air in premises and in the territory in order to create a hygienic (prevention of pollution by gases, vapor, dust) and optimal weather conditions; 5) operational-operation and technical safety conditions: the number of production inspection upon admission to work; special supervision, an appropriate mode of work and rest, rational organization of work places, in some cases duplication of performers and other conditions; 6) the provision of safe equipment, tools and protective equipment; 7) preparation of working safety instructions: instruction (including in the workplace), training, probation, agitation, propaganda safety. Preventive measures follow from the analysis of the causes of accidents and occupational diseases. The study of causes of injuries, the availability of data on primary localization of injuries, the distribution of injuries according to the severity help to determine its specific sources and to outline the rational measures to reduce the number of accidents. All safety arrangements encourage maximum productivity.
In accordance with the provision of service for safety at the enterprises there are the departments of safety, which carry out systematic monitoring of activities on creation of safe working conditions, and also on struggle with injuries and accidents. Responsible for the state of labour protection at the enterprise, institution as a whole is its head. A significant role in the monitoring and implementation of measures on labour protection and safety belongs to trade unions. Operational management of the organization on safety at industrial enterprises carried out by the chief engineer.
In improving safety significant role belongs to the medical service, in particular to the average medical workers. In the implementation of activities on safety play an important role nurse medical centers, health posts. Their duties include monitoring the health condition of plants and jobs, the assurance of working benign individual protective devices and so on
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