The solution of telekinesis

Along with paramedicine another phenomenon under Extromatica, with the most bright and typical phenomenon of this kind, is telekinesis - moving objects at a distance by a certain willful exposure. In Leningrad in 1964 was the publication of a Ninel S. Kulagina, which could move objects without touching them. A special Commission of scientists under the chairmanship already familiar to us Professor L. L. Vasiliev has stated the truth of the phenomenon, and testified publication. After two years in Moscow printing noted unusual opportunities N. S. Mikhailova, which could at a distance by means of hand movements to cause motion of a magnetic needle compass. In Canada appeared in the late 60's - early 70-ies someone gellarURI Geller, who showed even more interesting possibilities: he was an effort to bend in a pocket close to the body, metal object, such as a key.
Trying to give a theoretical explanation for these phenomena, resorted again to the biological field, assuming that it could be a channel for the transmission of not only information, but also energy. Our famous psychologist C. N. Pushkin was expressed even, apparently, half in jest, the assumption may be that Geller Flex not the subject, and the space in which the object is, and because the subject is curved.
Before to tell about the key to the solution of telekinesis, including about art bend keys, define the following question. If our phenomenal illusionist Harutyun amayakovich Hakobyan wanted to be in order to focus reproduce what makes Geller, and said that that was not the focus, and a true fact, scientists could "catch" him on deception? I am convinced that might not. Magic art has reached a high degree of perfection, but talent Hakobyan unsurpassed. Of course, scientists reported that their fooled illusionist, they were looking for the key to box more diligently, though even here, I believe, diligence likely it would be fruitless. However, scientists are honest men, they rarely show the suspicion which trained employees of criminal investigation Department.
Why am I saying all this? In order to rehabilitate the memory of L. L. Vasiliev. The thing is that in the future o N. S. Kulagina were extremely controversial publication. On the one hand, it was argued that it is skilful illusionists, deceiving scientists. Not quite righteous her life contributed to maintaining such reputation. The needle of the compass in Moscow rotated also N. S. Kulagin, who called themselves sometimes Mikhailova. on June 28, 1968, the newspaper "Pravda" reported that under the clothes of illusionists were hidden two magnets whose movements near the compass, of course, influenced his arrow. N. S. Kulagina attracted the journal "Human and law" to responsibility for insulting her honor and dignity. on December 17, 1987, the people's court of Dzerzhinsky district of Moscow with the participation of investigating N. S. Kulagin known scientists in the field of radio electronics, academicians Yu Century Gulyaev and Y. B. Kobzar - as witnesses admitted charges of fraud is not proven. The question remains open: scientists, without the help of experts-illusionists, trust the phenomena exhibited by N. S. Kulagina (in addition to telekinesis and rotation of a magnetic needle she sometimes showed the ability to use photographic film and reject the laser beam), but at the same time, to explain them yet. As for URI Geller, which in its time was enthusiastically supported by prominent physicists, he was exposed one of illusionists and publications about him no more.
Thus, if the tricks of Filipino healers can be classified according to the classification of Mendeleyev to the category of illusions and fantasies type of the Holy lie, telekinesis thing is much more complicated.
I think that telekinesis is the touchstone on which the phenomena of parapsychology and the concept of a biofield could most convincingly to prove its right to exist. Unlike all other manifestations of psychic and extrauterine we are faced here with a clear experimental conditions. The phenomenon of claims reproducibility. Enthusiasts of parapsychology should be advised to engage more seriously it is this phenomenon that would allow them either to overcome the skeptics, either himself to turn away from the illusory concepts.
Of course, electrostatic or heat emanation from the hands of psychics can also be studied objectively, however, and in the presence of apparent phenomena of this kind, they generally fall into the category known facts, i.e. principally new explanations do not require and, thus, the mill wheels parapsychology rotate can't.