Telepathy in life and in the laboratory

Main, corona phenomenon of parapsychology is, of course, telepathy, transmit thoughts to a distance from the brain to the brain. In parapsychological literature cites numerous facts of so-called spontaneous telepathy - passing thoughts in everyday life. Here are some of the most typical examples.
In the book of B. B. Kazinskogo "Biological radio communication", released in 1963, the author says that during the civil war he lived in Odessa. His friend, student, seriously ill with typhus. Once Kazhinski heard in a dream strange silver bells. Woke up in alarm and ran to the other end of the city to visit a sick friend. When he got there, relatives reported that the patient had just died. Stunned Kazhinski mechanically moved his spoon in a Cup of medicine in the chair by the bed of the deceased. Sounded exactly the same ring, which he had heard in his sleep. Kazinskogo has developed the concept: a dying friend heard the bells (he really shortly before his death gave medicine and stirred his spoon) and on some channel of biological radio gave the other. In a further 40 years Kazhinski tried to find the mechanisms of this radio and asked the young researchers to take from him the baton of this search.
The life of the war years has given a number of cases when the mother dreamed that her son died at the battlefront. Soon came the so-called death notices from which it became clear that the son died that day.
Finally, repeatedly recorded cases when one person in the same city thought, and the other in another city in the same moment the idea caught.
Such spontaneous, or spontaneous, telepathy, observed sometimes in life, is hard not to give in laboratory reproduction. For example, people from different cities in the above case, communication gathered together and tried to recreate this relationship in laboratory conditions. Both consciously tried one passed, another carefully picked. Never such experiments success did not give. In England since the early 60-ies there are state-supported laboratory that aims to experiment with the effects of telepathy. More than two decades reward awaits the successful applicant.
To explain the phenomena of telepathy and its features uses the concept of a biofield, according to which there are still unknown to us the communication channel which is not a permanent, stable. Biofield as it erupts only the special moments of human life - in a moment of mortal danger, etc. the Concept of this came in parapsychology, apparently, from literature. Remember Roman L. fejhtvangera "Jew Suess". There is a thought of mental cry, published by the human brain in trouble. This signal is perceived by the brain of a loved one. In the 30-ies was published Roman Y. Dolgushin "Generator of miracles", which also spoke of radio waves, connecting the brain to the brain and gives a bright flash in times violent, sometimes lethal test.
It seems that when considering the phenomena of telepathy and their explanation of the need to use two guns thoughts.
First of all it is necessary to remember about the work of D. I. Mendeleev in the Commission on investigation of spiritualistic phenomena. Mendeleev gave a clear approach to the analysis of such facts. He said that we need to seriously understand where they belong, and gave four possible "shelves", they should be expanded:
- known facts that fit into existing views;
- illusions and fantasies;
- shameful deception;
- truly new facts that are subject to detailed examination.
Another instrument will be familiar Occam's razor.
Will try to apply these approaches to the issues of telepathy.
Facts seen B. B. Kazhinski, it is difficult to expose objective analysis. The ringing is heard in a dream, and the crash of the real reproduced in a couple of hours, hardly comparable. Here Mendeleev, we face an involuntary fictions and illusions. The case when the mother saw in a dream the death of his son on the day of his actual death, does not require assumptions about the presence of a biofield, there is triggered Occam's razor. This fact is absolutely identical to those considered by us to the case of a child who has cut his eyebrow. The sad statistics of the war suggests that millions of mothers lost their sons, and the war lasted only about 1500 days. That says it all.
Special discussion deserve the facts, when the idea of a person from one town was captured by his brother or other close person in another village. There could be two versions, both of which exclude the necessity to look for the presence of a biofield and true telepathy. First, we cannot ignore the possibility of a coincidence. Secondly, it is possible that both people thought came to mind for the same reason. Remember the story of Edgar Allan PoE. His hero dyupen, the forerunner of all subsequent detectives; talking with a friend the street at night. Both are silent. Suddenly the dyupen says, "Yes, you are right. Our friend Jules badly played in this performance". Satellite:.
Cyclide stunned: "How do you know I thought about our friend Jules?" - "There is nothing easier. We go and silent. You tripped over a stone, almost fell. He looked down at the object stumbled. After that, by Association, you looked up at the sky. There shines the North star. And in the theatre "polar star" yesterday we saw a performance where he played Jules. Played badly. You could not remember. Here am I with you, and agreed". It means that two people who have a lot in common in mental content, thoughts can go in one direction. For example, two brothers heard on the radio the same information. She took their thoughts in one direction.
Those who had the opportunity to read the memories Century messing "About myself", often asked whether there was messing true telepath. In his book he says so. Me this question too interested. After reading the memoirs of messing, I addressed a letter to the then head of our parapsychologists, now late Leningrad scientist L. L. Vasiliev. He answered with a postcard. Because the postcard read by everyone who takes it in hands, Vasiliev outlined the name of the person that I asked, only the initials and replied: "as for my opinion of Century Meters, it is reasonably negative". The last two words were underlined. That meant my correspondent " I don't know. Did he mean that messing honest was wrong about its properties, or the fact that he was cunning, - we do not know. For me is important only that enthusiast parapsychology, passionately believed in the existence of telepathy, had serious grounds messing in this sense, the calculation does not take. The answer Vasilieva I keep as an important document.
As you can see, described in the literature phenomenon of spontaneous telepathy, sometimes very interesting and impressive, can be attributed mainly to the category known facts of a different kind. Will provide parapsychologists to work on. Today me they are not convinced in the existence of telepathy. To the fact fell into the sphere of science, he must either be played, or at least to be predictable. Neither parapsychologists can't imagine us in the real proof of the existence of telepathy.
If I am here, maybe too strict, then it is because deep down sympathize with the search for a new. Perhaps, and the medical Institute I went, hoping to study mechanisms of hypnosis and telepathy. The book "the Generator of miracles" Yu Dolgushin made me a very big impression in his youth. Over the past half century burst as many telepathic bubbles that I learned to be in this plan are especially strict.