Temperature sheet

Temperature sheet is a medical document, intended for graphics Desk daily fluctuations of temperature of the body sick.
On the vertical scale temperature curves indicated figures body temperature from 35 to 41 degrees; on horizontal - date and time of measurement. Putting points daily thermometer against relevant designations and connecting them, get a polygonal line, called the temperature curve (see). Filling temperature curve is the number of paramedical workers daily after measuring sick temperature in the morning and evening.
In addition to body temperature, the temperature curves includes the results of some other observations over the course of the disease: the respiratory rate and pulse rate, blood pressure, and the amount consumed and the selected fluid and so on, as well as information on measures taken for the care and treatment of patients (hygienic bath, change of linen, special procedures).

temperature list
Temperature sheet

On a standard temperature of the page (Fig) indicators pulse, respiration, and blood pressure is celebrated against the corresponding symbols on the left of the vertical scale, other indicators - in the lower part of the temperature of a sheet under the temperature curve.
In some specialised medical institutions use forms temperature sheet that differ from those in the General somatic hospitals; in such temperature sheets to reflect more of the indicators.
Temperature worksheet is stored in the history of the disease.