Tenesmus is often painful craving for defecation or urination, where defecation or urination not originate or end up throwing small amounts of intestinal or gallbladder content.
Tenesmus arise from the tonic, spastic muscle direct (partly sigmoid) ulcers and other muscles involved in the act of defecation, and the muscles of the bladder. This sphincter is not relax (as is normal), but remain spasticeski reduced.
The most frequent cause of tenesmus are pathological processes in the rectum (proctitis the, proctosigmoiditis, cracked rear passage, cancer, acute hemorrhoids) or in the bladder and the surrounding organs (cystitis, prostatitis).
The treatment should be aimed at addressing the underlying disease. Relief give cool sedentary baths, lotions of lead water; antispastic drugs (atropine, belladonna, and others)used in candles, inside and subcutaneously; microclysters of heated vegetable oil, extract of camomile, solution of nitrate of silver (1 : 4000), solution of potassium permanganate (1 : 5000).