Tenedos - diseases caused by tape worms (cestodes). There are two forms of tinidazol: tapeworm infection and tenis.

Mature tapeworm segments:1-bull; 2-pork.

The tapeworm infection is caused by the tapeworm bullish (Taeniorhynchus saginatus). Tapeworm bullish length 4-6 m, scaleX without hooks. From the middle of the trunk of the uterus Mature segment on each side departs from 18 to 32 branches (Fig.). Eggs rounded, have a thin transparent membrane. Inside the egg is the germ (ecosfera). The life of the tapeworm bullish in humans can reach several tens of years. The final owner of the tapeworm bullish only man, intermediate host - cattle (cows, rarely Buffalo, zebu, Yak). Adult tapeworm parasitizes in the upper section of thin intestines of the person, its larvae - tsistitserki or Finns (Cysticercus bovis) - in intermuscular connective tissue of animals. The patient selects the external medium Mature segments, containing eggs. The allocation of segments is happening not only with faeces, but spontaneously; they can actively to crawl out of the anus and crawl through the body of the patient. The segments are starting to stand out in 2,5-4 months after infection human tapeworm infection. Each segment contains tens of thousands of eggs released at its destruction. Eggs contain Mature larva. The ingestion of eggs or tapeworm segments cattle larvae penetrate into the capillaries of the intestinal wall and the blood entered in any organs and tissues. In the musculature of the larvae become tsistitserki. Cysticerci is a small container filled with a clear liquid. To the wall it is attached screwed inside unarmed scolex. It progresses to invasive stage during 4 months. and remain viable for no more than 1 - 1.5 years.
The tapeworm infection occurs everywhere, but mostly in the areas of intensive livestock farming. The infected man pollutes segments and eggs Cana external environment. Animal infections occurs through ingestion of contaminated feces of patients grass, hay and other food. Calves may be infected by watering them with milk (with contaminated eggs fingers). Oncospheres remain viable in the environment to 2-8 weeks.
The population is infected with tapeworm infection by eating raw, undercooked or lightly salted or dried meat containing viable tsistitserki. Mistress often infected, trying raw minced meat.
In the pathogenesis of teniarinhose great importance toxico-allergic reactions caused by induction of metabolic products of parasites. The role of irritation parasite nerve endings of the intestine.
Clinic teniarinhose very diverse. There is a decrease in body weight, delayed overall development of children, nausea, vomiting, decrease in appetite, unstable chair, irritability, confusion, insomnia, dizziness.
Diagnosis is based on the results of the research Kala, rectal or perianal the scraping; resort also to survey patients on the allocation periodically segments with faeces.
Treatment in a hospital or outpatient fenasalom or Dalacom. Fenasal appoint adults to 2 g; children on 0.5-1.5 g 1/4 Cup water. Take fenasal 3 hours after a light dinner, 1-2 hours before bedtime. Laxatives and enemas contraindicated. Individuals with diseases of cardiovascular system , the preparation is administered in the morning on an empty stomach. Dihlosal (2 g fenasala and 1 g of dichlorophene) more effective. The methodology of application is the same as fenasala. Also nominated ether extract of rhizomes male fern, Akrikhin, pumpkin seeds. Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment carried out after 3.5-4 months after treatment. In the absence of effective treatment for repeat.
Tenios is caused by the pork tapeworm (Taenia solium).
Pork tapeworm is scolex armed with a double row of hooks. Mature segment filled uterus, consisting of a Central stem from 8 - 12 branches on each side. Pork tapeworm parasitizes in the small intestine of humans. Separated from strobili Mature segments are allocated out only passively. Intermediate hosts for pork tapeworm are pigs, dogs. Term life Finn equal to several years. Infecting people with tenisom occurs at eating no untreated pork meat. Common tenios in the areas of intensive pig farming. Pathogenesis and symptomology of teniasa the same as when the tapeworm infection. The main difference of teniasa that a person may become infected cysticercosis (see). Treatment is the same as when the tapeworm infection, only prescribed drugs in the morning. After taking the drugs shown laxative.
The fight against tapeworm infection and tenisom is conducted through mass deworming (see), veterinary-sanitary examination of meat and sanitary improvement of the populated areas. Upon detection of the patients being admitted for treatment.
Veterinary measures at the tapeworm infection and tenise aimed at improvement of farms and the improvement of the cattle. It is necessary to fight HOMESTEAD butchering without veterinary-sanitary examination. Great importance in the fight against these tinidazole is integrated in the work of the medical and veterinary personnel. Special attention should be paid after deworming disposal of faeces patient, in which a larger number of Mature segments.

The causative agents of tinidazol are tapeworms - swine and bovine tsepni. Are they to Bioelements as for their distribution needs a so-called intermediate hosts: for the pork tapeworm - pigs, and for bovine cattle.
These diseases have a lot in common, but at the same time, there are some differences, which will be discussed below.
Adult parasites up to several meters in length, live in the human gut, catching head back to his wall. Body denied consists of many segments, which is ripening detached from the tail end of worms and are excreted in the faeces out. A special feature of segments bull taenia is that they are able to crawl out from the intestines spontaneously, without the act of defecation. This is one of the diagnostic features of the disease, as crawling out of the anus and crawling along the body of the patient, segments cause discomfort. In addition, they can be easily seen with the naked eye. At the same time, the patient can survive as a single tsepni, so many of them, reaching in some cases dozen copies (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6. Bullish tapeworm.

Segments Cana are full of enormous microscopically small number of eggs that can infect pigs and cattle larval stage - by measles.
It happens so. A sick person with poor hygiene pollutes feces soil courtyards, gardens, and often pastures.
Cattle being infected by contamination of cattle feces of patients, as well as on pastures in those cases when the flocks look infected teniidoz shepherds. Pigs are infected more often, eating feces of patients, and rummaging through contaminated with the faeces of the earth.
Of animals swallowed eggs denied go embryos, which penetrate into blood and entered into the muscles, where they turn into larvae, or Finn. From this moment a person can be infected pork or beef tapeworm, if it will be used for food is not cooked, fried or not salted infected Finns pork or beef. Once in the human gut, larva, or a Finn, turns into an adult parasite. Thus closes the circle of development by these worms.
The peculiarity of the pork tapeworm is that its larval stage may parasitize in humans. When the disease caused beef tapeworm, it almost never occurs. The larval stage of the pork tapeworm person can be infected first, swallowing the eggs of taenia that stomach acid is released from membrane. Released germs enter the intestine, penetrates the blood vessels and the blood are posted in many different organs, mostly in the muscles. The second way of infection is the following. If a patient whose lives Mature parasite, the contents of the small intestine gets into the stomach (which occur with nausea and vomiting), taenia eggs in it can be freed from the shell.
The result is a massive infection of the person with the larvae of the pork tapeworm, which can cause serious complications, especially if larvae (man called tsistitserki are logged in vital organs - the Central nervous system, eye and other
About the kind of complications you should always remember when establishing infected pork tapeworm seek medical facility for treatment.
The symptoms of intestinal form of tinidazol similar and are abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, vomiting, impaired appetite, which is often raised. Often patients complain of headaches, dizziness, irritability, weakness, often observed anemia, sometimes severe.
Prevention of tinidazol is to prevent the infection not only man, but also Pets. To do this, you must follow these basic rules.
To buy meat, only the checked sanitary-veterinary control.
Do not eat raw, nedaremno, underdone meat. If meat is affected by the Finns, it is possible to become infected, trying minced meat, that is by eating raw meat even in very small quantities.
Follow the rules of personal hygiene.
At detection of the disease, immediately consult a doctor.
Do not contaminate homesteads, barns and pastures bowel movements. To use latrines, meet sanitary requirements.
Take precautions against infection pork tapeworm, a person is protected from a single hard helminthic diseases - trichinosis, transmitted mainly through the meat of pigs infected with Trichinella (the disease is also called outlawado). Except pigs, Trichinella parasites also in wild boars, bears and many other carnivores, what you need is particularly well to remember hunters. There are cases when the meat of wild pigs or bear causes mass cases outlawado.