Thermotherapy is the use of thermal procedures with use of medical mud, peat wax, ozokerite, sand, and other heat transfer fluids. The common feature of these substances contributing to their high therapeutic role in a variety of diseases, is the long-term ability to retain heat and slowly (during the procedure) to give it to the body of the patient. The heat capacity and thermal conductivity in different peloids of different (mud, peat, mineral wax, paraffin), which determines the originality of the methods of their medical use in children (application wax, dirt, galvanic mud, electrophoresis of mud solution). Therapeutic effect is determined by temperature, chemical and mechanical factors.
Under the influence of applications there reflex shifts, increasing vessels, and increases blood and lymph flow, which contributes to improvement of tissues trophism, reparative regeneration, resorption of inflammatory infiltrates, reduce spasticity, pain relief, restoration of motor functions. Some chemical elements dirt, biologically active substances produced in the skin, penetrate into blood and have humoral influence; complex neurohumoral reactions define anti-inflammatory, hyposensitizating, rehabilitation action of thermotherapy.