Heat stroke

Heat stroke is a sharply growing painful condition caused by the General overheating of the organism as a result of prolonged exposure to high temperature of the external environment. Heat stroke occurs when a breach of heat or increase heat production. The overheating of the body (see) are particularly vulnerable children, obese patients of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases. Concomitant overheating sweating leads to violation of water-salt metabolism, blood clots that obstruct blood flow, oxygen starvation.
Heat stroke can occur in working in hot shops, construction sites in the hot days, during military marches and as a result of direct exposure to sunlight-solar-kick. Heat stroke often occurs in young children due to the lack of thermoregulation when the overheating of the body.
The clinic. At a thermal shock beginning sharp, during the fast. In the mild form appear weakness, headache, nausea, breathing, and pulse acadeny, the skin is moist, pupils dilated, normal or subfebrile temperature.
At the thermal shock of medium - sharp weakness, severe headache with nausea and vomiting, oglushennosti, lack of movement, sometimes develops the unconscious (see Fainting, pulse and respiration acadeny, skin redness. Increased sweating, temperature 39-40 degrees.
In severe thermal shock, altered consciousness from mild degrees to coma (see), you may experience seizures, agitation, delirium, hallucinations. The breath is shallow, rapid pulse 120 - 140 in 1 minute, small, thread-like, t-41-42 degrees. The reduced amount of urine, the blood thickens, residual nitrogen increases. Rare complications can be attributed seizures, increased intracranial pressure.
Treatment. The patient needs to rapidly bring to a shaded area that is open to the wind, free from service, to moisten your face with cold water, to cool the body with a wet towel. On the head to put the bubble with cold water. In all cases, you need oxygen inhalation. Subcutaneously injected isotonic solution of sodium chloride intravenous glucose (40% solution 20-30 ml). With the weakening of cardiac activity subcutaneously caffeine-benzoate sodium (10% solution of 1 ml), respiratory distress intramuscularly lobeline (1% solution 0.5 ml). Drink plenty of water to drink cold water, tea, coffee.
Forecast: in mild and moderate heat stroke in the provision of correct and timely first aid functions of the body recover quickly. In severe thermal shock, if assistance is provided late, there may be fatal.
Prevention. Measures for improvement of working conditions in hot shops: cool, cool of the soul, pouring, free light clothing, periodically need to take breaks for rest. The main meal is expedient to transfer the evening (consumption for dinner to 40% of the daily ration). Instead of water during operation, it is recommended to use carbonated water, acidified tea, cherry liquor, bread kvass.