teratomaTeratoma - tumor complex structure resulting from violations of embryonic development. The reasons for the development teratoid tumors is not known.
Mature teratoid tumors can be of different sizes, have correctly rounded or oval, smooth or bumpy surface, well demarcated; the consistency of their different; in the context of often have cystic view. Histology fabrics of different origin: epithelial, connecting, nerve, muscle and other
Teratoma usually develops in early childhood or young adulthood; grows slowly. Depending on localization teratoid tumors observed in different clinical picture. Localization: the most commonly - sacrococcygeal region, then the mediastinum, retroperitoneal space, the ovaries and the testes, the skin, soft tissue and other Malignant transformation is rarely observed.
Immature teratoma (teratoblastoma) has the form of nodes variegated species on the cut. Histologically consists of various immature tissues and in contrast Mature teratoma has all properties of malignant tumors. Occurs mostly in men under 40 years. Located in the mediastinum, the testes, and retroperitoneal space. Grows quickly and gives extensive metastases in lymph nodes and lungs.
Treatment and surgery.