The path is a method of training therapy, consisting in dosage walks with ascent on the marked trails. Walking on level ground in alternation with climbing strengthens and develops the function of the cardiovascular system, strengthens the heart, improves neuromuscular tone, improves metabolism.
There are Terrainkur resort and vnutricletocny. The path is dosed:
1) distance route (500 light, medium 1500, more difficult 3000 m);
2) climbs from different angles (from 2-3 degrees to 15-20 degrees);
3) rate of walking (slow 60-80 steps in minutes, average 80 to 100 steps per minute). The path starts with a walk horizontally, shifting to climbing, walking should be quiet, rhythmic. Every 150 - 200 m are benches for rest, during which recommended breathing exercises. Pursue a path in the summer, mainly in the morning and in the evening time, avoiding the hot time of the day, in winter - in the warmest hours of the day. The path should be carried out under the supervision of a physician experienced practitioner. The walk should trigger temper. The appearance of fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, pain in the heart, dizziness indicates misuse of Terrainkur.
The path used for a number of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in the initial stages and in the recovery period, some diseases of metabolism, residual phenomena after injury of lower limbs. Cm. also Therapeutic physical training.