Tetraethyl lead

Tetraethyl lead (TPP) - organic compound of leadused as antiknock fuel for internal combustion engines. TPP is part of ethyl fluid added to gasoline (leaded gasoline). Ethyl fluid colorless oily liquid with a disagreeable odor, poorly soluble in water, well in the organic solvent, temperature boiling point of 200 degrees. but the volatility is very high, evaporates even at temperatures below 0C, well sorbed porous materials. Enters the body through the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and intact skin. Toxic effects associated with the operation of the whole molecule TPP and lead, released by the decomposition of the product in the body.
Tetraethyl lead - strong neurotropic poison. Acute toxicity characterized by severe headache, hallucinations, impaired consciousness, rapid psychomotor agitation, as well as changes on the part of the autonomic nervous system (drowsiness, sweating, slow pulse and fall of blood pressure). The severity of these symptoms depends on the severity of poisoning. Possible death.
In chronic poisoning tetraethyl lead have the same symptoms that and acute, but less pronounced, more affected parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. Symptoms associated with lead poisoning, is not observed.
MAC TPP for the air of industrial premises of 0.005 mg/m3.
Prevention: complete sealing equipment containing thermal power plants, ventilation, where the work with TPP, the use of individual protective devices. Preliminary and periodic medical examinations of persons employed in the production of thermal power plants, 1 time in 3 months. He is neutralized TPP and escaped kerosene, solution of bleach (dry -), active manganese dioxide, monochloramine and dichloramine, soap.
First aid: in case of contact of tetraethyl lead inside - washing stomach 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate, when contamination of the skin ethyl fluid - rinse with kerosene and hot water with soap. Treatment of symptomatic - glucose intravenously, barbiturates, insulin therapy. Contraindications - bromides, morphine, chloral hydrate, scopolamine.