Testosterone (Testosteronum) - male sex hormone (androgen). Is produced by the Leydig cells of the testes. Testosterone stimulates the development of sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics in men, increases the anabolic processes. In medical practice using synthetic drugs: methyltestosterone, testosterone propionat and testosterone enanthate with biological and curative properties of natural hormone. Used with sexual underdevelopment, evnuhoidizme, male menopause and related vascular and neurological disorders, impotence, hypertrophy of the prostate and other
Methyltestosterone (Methyltestosteronum; list B) assign inside (or better under the tongue until resorption) 0.005-0.01 g 2-3 times a day. Comes in tablets to 0,005 and 0.01,
Testosterone propionate (Теstosteroni propionas; list B) intramuscularly or subcutaneously to 0.01-0.025-0.05 g daily or every 1-2 days. The release form: ampoules to 1 ml 1-2,5-5% solution in oil.
Testosterone enanthate (Testosteroni oenanthas; list B) has a prolonged effect. Intramuscularly 0.5-1 ml of 1 every 2-4 weeks. Released in ampoules to 1 ml of 20% solution in oil.
Testenat (Testoenatum; list B) is a mixture of 80% of testosterone enanthate and 20% of testosterone propionate - provides rapid onset of effect and prolonged effect. Injected intramuscularly in a dose of 1 ml of 10 or 20% solution of 1 to 2 times per week. The release form: ampoules to 1 ml of 10 and 20% solution in oil. Cm. also Sex hormones.