Thoracoscopic is an operation burnout pleural growths. Shown in the pleural binding between the lung and the chest wall, holding caverns in the extended state and preventing the effective losing the affected Department of the lung.
Thoracoscopic is made through thoracoscopy after thoracoscopy (see),in which determine the place of the introduction of the tool.
Tools for thoracoscopic: thoracoscopy with frontal and lateral optics, thermocooler - curved wire ending platinum loop, thin tube-guide for cautery; trocars with a needle, needle for intraplevralnom anesthesia, electrocore and spare light bulbs. Sterilization of thoracoscopy, koutarou and cords made in pairs formalin.
For thoracoscopic necessary presence in the pleural cavity gas bladder, adequate for the movement of instruments with no risk to damage the lung, which impose pneumothorax and 3-6 weeks produce thoracoscopic.
Patient is placed in the provision adopted for the imposition of pneumothorax (see artificial Pneumothorax); after anesthesia injected into the pleural cavity trocar, then in the cannula trocar impose termocooler. The burning of adhesions make a loop at the poorly-red glow.
In the aftercare period a bed for 2 - 5 days. Within 1-2 days after thoracoscopic moderately high temperature. The appearance of dyspnea must be pumped out 500-1000 ml of air from the pleural cavity. When signs of intrathoracic bleeding from damaged blood vessels chest wall shows urgent thoracotomy (see). Observed often subcutaneous emphysema (see) resolved, as a rule, independently within 5-7 days.

Fig. 1 and 2. Multiple solovinye and conical spikes. Fig. 3 and 4. Like and membranous spikes. Fig. 5 and 6. The location of the loop termokamera on spike at the time of burnout. Fig. 7 and 8. Anesthesia seam at a hydraulic preparation (Fig. 7 - the needle is at the base of the Union, Fig. 8 - fusion infiltrated novocaine; the dotted line dissection of the pleura). Fig. 9. The increase lung area pulls away from the chest wall case of Kaufer.