Thrombin (Thrombinum) is a natural component of the blood coagulation system, which is formed in the body from protrombina. For use in medical practice from donated human blood. The solution of thrombin local applied to stop bleeding from capillary and parenchymatous organs (with traumatic brain operations, operations on the liver, kidney and other parenchymatous organs, bleeding from the bone cavities, gum, etc). At bleedings from major vascular hemostasis not apply. Solution thrombin permeate sterile fibrinous sponge or gauze swab, which impose on the bleeding wound. The introduction of veins and muscles are not allowed. The release form: the hermetically sealed vials containing thrombin in the 125-625 units of activity. The label indicates the number of doses (1 dose corresponds to 125% activity). Cm. also Hemostatic means.