Thromboelastography is the study of elasticity of blood clot using the device thromboelastography. The analyzed blood poured into the cuvette. In the blood is lowered rod hanging on a steel string. Special device ditch give a swinging motion. The movement of the cell is not passed to the core as long as the blood is a liquid. In blood coagulation fibrin stick to the rod, and he begins to swing. Attached to the terminal mirror reflects a beam of light on photo paper. Flickering ray of light draws on photographic paper curve - tromboelastogramma. Selected portions characterize certain phases of blood clotting: education thromboplastin, the formation of a clot, the time of complete collapse. The amplitude of oscillations is possible to determine the value of density and elasticity of the bunch. It is possible to derive a number of values characterizing the clotting of blood. Tromboelastogramma allows to some extent to navigate the character of disorders of blood coagulation.