Thymol test

Thymol test - test to determine the functional state of the liver. It is based on the property of a saturated solution of thymol in Voronova buffer with pH of 7.8 to give blood serum blurred. Turbidity is greater than the higher serum gamma-globulin (with simultaneous decline in the content of albumin). Turbidity usually determine values, comparing the turbidity samples with a turbidity of a series of standard suspensions of barium sulfate, one of which take per unit. OK turbidity equals from 0 to 4.7 units. High indices of thymol turbidity samples show an increase in the blood concentration α-, b - and g-globulin and lipoproteins that most often observed in liver diseases. At the same time, thymol test is not absolutely specific, as may be increased in some infectious diseases and neoplasms.