The creeping thyme, savory, thyme

The creeping thyme, savory, thyme (Thymus serpyllum L. s. l.), thyme Marshall ( Thymus marschallianus Willd.) - wild plants. Contains essential oil, the main active ingredient of which is thymol (see). Broth herbs (15 : 200, 1 table spoon 2-3 times a day) is used as an expectorant with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and as a painkiller when radiculitis and neuritis. Liquid extract is part of percussina.
the creeping thyme

The creeping thyme.

The creeping thyme, savory, thyme and indeed spread along the ground, crawl, forming a small Mat. Wonderfully fragrant plant. Its small, oval leaves all dimples, which are of a piece of iron with essential oil. Those dimples are clearly visible under a magnifying glass. Small dvugubye purple-red flowers gathered at ends of branches in Lucerne inflorescence.
Blossoms during the whole summer. Thyme is a beautiful honey plant, so near this perennial semishrub always a lot of bees, Bumble bees, butterflies.
Found it on the open sandy places, in dry pine forests, but especially a lot of it in the steppes. The major areas of the blanks creeping thyme in Belarus, Ukraine, Caucasus, mountain steppes of the Altai, Khakassia, Tuva and Transbaikalia.
For medicinal purposes is suitable only the upper part of leafy shoots, should procure without coarse woody reason stems. Cut off the sprigs with a knife or a sickle, trying not to pull the plants by the roots. Otherwise, so you can destroy the thickets. Growing thyme slowly resumed bad.
Used thyme as extraordinary and microbicides with bronchitis and upper respiratory tract diseases, whooping cough. Extract of thyme is part of the preparation "pertussin", which is prescribed for coughing.
Glorious summer berries. Following the ripe strawberry blueberry, raspberry, cherry, and in the beginning of August - dog rose, cowberry, blueberry, BlackBerry. Only have time to go to pick berries Yes places to find.