Thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid gland. There are acute thyroiditis (purulent and nagnoenie), subacute thyroiditis, chronic nonspecific thyroiditis (lymphomatosis thyroiditis Hashimoto, fibrous thyroiditis Riedel) and encountered extremely rarely chronic specific thyroiditis: tuberculosis, syphilis, fungal. Cause nonspecific thyroiditis can be an autoimmune changes in the body (goiter Hashimoto), rarely overdose of iodine preparations. Ill more often than women aged 30-50 years.
Acute purulent thyroiditis is characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland, the reddening of the skin, the fluctuation in the place of purulent and localized pain on palpation of the neck, high fever, changes in the blood picture (increase in the number of leukocytes, acceleration ROHE, shift leukocyte left). Treatment: antibiotic (penicillin and other broad-spectrum antibiotics) and operational. The forecast is favorable with timely treatment.
Acute nagnoenie and subacute thyroiditis are manifested by increased painful and thyroid glands, fever, leukocytosis, acceleration ROHE. Histological pattern when the nerve disease characterized by inflammation, the second giant cell granuloma. Acute nagnoenie thyroiditis successfully treated with antibiotics (penicillin and other broad-spectrum antibiotics), subacute, is effective only corticosteroids (prednisone and others). When an early start in the treatment of the illness ends recovery, possible outcome in hypothyroidism.
Lymphomatosis thyroiditis Hashimoto - an autoimmune disease. The thyroid gland enlarged, very dense, mobile; hypothyroidism (see), the temperature is normal. Usually the disease is flowing long. Treatment: thyroid preparations periodically cycles of glucocorticoids. With suspected malignancy - surgery.
At a fibrous thyroiditis Riedel thyroid more dense, often experience symptoms compression of the upper respiratory tract. The disease takes a long time. Operative treatment.
In chronic specific thyroiditis thyroid dense, painless, mobile. The diagnosis of chronic tuberculosis thyroiditis put in the presence of TB disease in other organs or on the basis of data biopsy; syphilis thyroiditis - on the basis of serological reactions. The treatment of specific thyroiditis is to treat the underlying disease. Cm. also Craw.