Tiflis - inflammation of the cecum.
Tiflet is a kind of segmental colitis. Isolated defeat the caecum is extremely rare. More often inflammatory process applies to the ascending part of the colon or ileum.
In addition to the causes diffuse colitis (see), in the emergence of Teplice is set to a long delay intestinal contents in the caecum (teploscat) as a result of lengthening or omissions blind gut, abnormal its provisions, the development of adhesions, infringement of function of ileo-zakalnoe sphincter. As a result of titlecase in the caecum overly developed fermentation and putrefaction processes.
The infection can enter the blind gut also hematogenous (e.g., influenza) and lymphogenous way (for example, inflammation of the ovaries, Appendix). In most cases, acute Tiflis and perityphlic are the complications of acute appendicitis.
There are acute and chronic Tiflis.
Acute tiflet characterized by strong attack cramping pains in the right iliac region, smack right in the groin, thigh and lower back, sometimes nausea, vomiting, and fever. At a palpation is determined mild soreness in the right iliac region, rumbling and the sound of splashing in the caecum.
Chronic tiflet characterized by cyclic course. In periods of improving the patients were very unpleasant and a small pain in the right iliac region. During periods of worsening the pain intensifies, constipation alternating with diarrhea, the temperature rises up to subfebrile figures, comes the General weakness, reduced efficiency.
Complications: perityphlic (transition of the inflammatory process on the serous membrane), appendicitis, partila (inflammation of the retroperitoneal fat, adjacent to the caecum).
Acute Tiflis on the clinical picture is very similar to the acute appendicitis (see). Differential diagnosis is not always possible. In these cases, surgical treatment.
Treatment, prognosis, prevention of - see Colitis.