Tympanoplasty surgery to improve hearing and the elimination of inflammation in the middle ear with the hearing losscaused by damage to the conductive system of the middle ear (see). Make tympanoplasty about chronic purulent inflammation of the middle ear, adhesive average otitis, tympanosclerosis.
During the operation, in addition to removing abnormal tissues from the middle ear (carious altered areas of the bone, granulation, polyps, a cholesteatoma), create a new pneumatic cavity, using for this purpose the remains of the eardrum, different grafts (often connective tissue). As a replacement destroyed auditory ossicles use so-called prostheses (processed accordingly pieces of bone, cartilage, plastics, stainless steel wires or tantalum).
After the operation prescribe antibiotics. Produce toilet ear, blowing various powders (antibiotics, boric acid, sulfonamides), blowing off the ear (see). These manipulations (especially blowing) must be made and after discharge of the patient. The patient underwent tympanoplasty, not recommended plane flights, the work associated with changes in the surrounding air pressure (cascandite, divers and so on).