The fabric is a system of cells and non-cellular entities, United by a number of common properties - structure, function and development patterns. Fabric, being part of the authorities, provide a common manifestations of life, which form the basis of more complex functions performed by the bodies and their systems. Fabric appeared in multicellular animals in the process of evolution. Based on the primary relationship with the environment, associated with the ingestion, formed two primary tissue - epithelial tissue (see)that delimit the body from external environment, which is designed to protect and foreign currency, and connective tissue (see), which is the morphological basis of the response of the domestic currency. The complication of relations of the animal environment, the need to ensure the stimulation and mobility has led to the gradual development of the nervous and muscular tissues. Nervous tissue (see) has the ability to perceive irritations, and to develop and transfer of nervous excitement. Muscle tissue (see) provides mobility of individual parts of the body and its mobility as a whole. In accordance with its functions each fabric has a specific structure.