Tissue therapy

Tissue therapy - treatment canned fabrics, animal or vegetable origin (placenta, vitreous body of the eye, leaves, aloe and other)
or extracts from these tissues. In living tissues before their deaths are formed special substances, biogenic stimulators (see), remaining at the conservation and extraction. When introducing them to the sick, they increase the body's resistance to infection, reduces inflammatory infiltrates and scars. Tissue therapy is often used in diseases of the eye (keratitis, dimness of the cornea after traumas, burns the eyes, a high degree of myopia and other), in the treatment of trophic ulcers, ulcerative disease of the stomach, chronic illnesses of urinogenital bodies, keloid scars. It is used for the prevention of skin lesions in radiation therapy.
Preparations for tissue therapy produces pharmaceutical industry (aloe extract, palaeodietary, phibbs etc); canned tissue to tissue therapy is prepared in medical institutions. Tissue preparations administered by podzamok under the skin, injections, appointed interior or external, in the form of ointments, powders. Courses injection spend 3-4 times a year, 30-45 injections per course. Tissue therapy is prescribed by the doctor.
Contraindications: acute liver disease, severe hypertension, a malignant tumor.