Toksidermii and drug Allergy

Dermatitis arising from action on the skin of chemically hazardous agents (acids, alkalis, toxic chemicals, detergents), belong to the so-called toxic dermatitis, When the external agent acts on skin cells and causes toxic, necrotic, degenerative changes in the cells, connective tissue, elastic and collagen fibers.
Drug reaction may be caused by hair dyes, synthetic furs and scarves, nylon and elastic stockings and socks, for exterior and interior use of drugs. In mild cases of drug and other agents cause redness of the skin, lung malaise, temperature, urticarnae skin (drug Allergy). In severe cases, these substances can cause toxicity, until severe shock and death of the patient.
Treatment. The basic rule - the immediate cessation of receipt and use of funds, causing allergic and toxic conditions, the appointment of laxatives and diuretics, plentiful drink.
In light of allergic manifestations (erythema, blisters) fairly local to appoint a mixture of zinc oxide with vegetable oil, inside - 20%sulphate of magnesia. If you have a moist, apply a cooling lotion of a 1%solution of resorcinol, in toxic phenomena, except laxative, appoint diphenhydramine, diazolin, suprastin, heart.
Allergic perioralny dermatitis. Many authors have described this dermatitis under different names: perioralny dermatitis, disease stewardesses; rosariopatsy dermatitis, steroid rosacea, pigment erythros, contact dermatitis. New disease of a skin was discovered after the second world war, first in America, and later in England, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, USSR. Before she met, apparently, less often, and the doctors did not fix her attention, but after a series of messages dermatitis was diagnostirovanna more often. In the pathogenesis of this dermatitis some see the effect of cosmetics, corticosteroids, other - the result of fuzobakteri, hormonal changes in the body, stress. However, most authors believe that perioral dermatitis - still allergic disease. The first patients with this disease was stewardess, a lot of attention focused decorative cosmetics. In most cases, perioralny dermatitis associated with the use of cosmetic creams, lotions and other perfumery, sometimes containing mercury, formaldehyde, flower extract, etc.
At the beginning of the disease appear clearly limited spots with pink and cherry tone, against this background, there is hemispherical pale pink like pustules knots, but they are not connected with oil glands and hair apparatus, as is the case for acne, they differ from rosacea, since in this case there are no advanced vessels (telangiectasias), deep nodes, strong postulate. Elements - papules and vesicles are groups or scattered. In most cases, peeling or no scales are observed in individual cases. Other areas of the skin chest, back, legs - remain free. In the area of the red portion of the lips visible light longitudinal stripe few millimeters in width. The detailed questioning patients about their profession, contact with the pace or other substances revealed that almost half of all cases start dermatitis associated with the use of creams, lotions, toothpaste, liquids "sweat", solutions for hair growth, paints, ink. Usually these cosmetic products contain beeswax, apilak, honey, sulfur, ingredients of herbs of nettle, St. John's wort, sage, chrysanthemums, Jasmine, and eosin, Radmin included in lipsticks, formalin and its derivatives, components component of deodorants. Among patients with perioral dermatitis were cases when dermatitis arose from drinking liquids containing hops. So, at a young student from such a fluid, which he has appointed for hair growth, appeared dermatitis fallen into severe angioedema. The patient was immediately stationierung, in the hospital it a few days was on the verge of life and death.
A number of patients perioral dermatitis was observed after washing and drinking chlorinated water, the other - after wearing mohair scarf, nylon melting, veils, applying mascara and-ink drawing, contact with food for fish, located in the home aquarium, the smell of fresh fish, fresh potatoes.
Practice has shown that perioral dermatitis is found not necessarily those using creams or other substances, sometimes some members of the family enjoy cream and perioral dermatitis appears in another family member, not using this cream. Thus, it is enough to be in the atmosphere allergenic substances to get sick.
Gained from many years of clinical material on allergies allows to think that his provoking sometimes guilty and young, inexperienced doctors, overly fond of multi-storey recipes. As quipped one of the scientists, young doctor began his career with the fact that prescribes about 20 recipes for one disease, and the old, experienced doctor ended his career that assigns one cure for the disease 20.
In General it is necessary to remember that the use of new, poorly studied medicines can only aggravate allergic condition of patients.
Treatment. Inside applies tetracycline 0.1 - 0.2 g 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks, vitamin a 10-15 drops 3 times a day, before a meal (within two months), and folic acid. Local therapy - massage with liquid nitrogen, and the lubricating cream unna (a mixture of water, lanolin, petrolatum in equal parts). For violations from the side of internal organs - appropriate treatment. Of great importance diet: it is necessary to exclude alcoholic beverages, tobacco, spicy food, chocolate, honey.
Prevention is the removal cosmetic lotions, pencils for coloring eyelashes, lip toothpaste, lipstick, and to refrain from wearing mohair shawls, scarves, knitted hosiery, if they are poorly tolerated by patients.