Thick smear - microscopy method of the blood of humans and mammals that allow in a short time to see a significant amount of blood (in tens times more than smear).
To prepare thick drops on a glass slide put 2-3 drops studied blood, which is distributed evenly to the value pyatnadcatiletnij coins. In other modifications on a slide in the beginning do a blood smear, then it put a drop of blood, which, evenly spreading, forms a perfect circle. In modification Rukhadze glass with a drop of fresh blood is placed slightly inclined, causing the blood in the form of populonia going on the lower edge.
The product is dried in the air (to protect from dust and not locking, paint method Romanovsky - Himsi. In non-fixed the large drop in the painting process is hemolysis of erythrocytes, staining of cells, platelets, blood parasites.
A thick drop of use in the diagnosis of malaria, spirochetosis, Trypanosomosis, Filaretov (discovered presented). Parasites in the large drop deformed, but with a low level of parasites possibility of detection increases. The number of parasites count on the number of leukocytes (audit chamber) or 1 mm3 blood. Cm. also the Blood (research).