Tonsillectomy is the complete removal of the Palatine tonsils. Is tonsillectomy, as a rule, about chronic tonsillitis (see), especially in complicated forms. More often performed under local anesthesia, less often (mainly in children and restless patients under anesthesia. Tonsillectomy is produced on an empty stomach.
The operation is performed not earlier than in 2-3 weeks after suffering a sore throat, flu or other infectious diseases. Before tonsillectomy must study of blood coagulation. On the day of surgery the patient is recommended to clean teeth, rinse mouth and throat disinfectant. For tonsillectomy sterilized syringes (10-20 ml), a needle of length 10 - 12 cm, a scalpel, Elevator bilateral or respetar removal of tonsils, long scissors, hemostatic clips curved (2-3), clips tonsils, loop Brunings or tonsillotomy lever Tiding - Bojana. Some surgeons use and large bone spoon. For osushivaniya operating margins used gauze (less cotton) balls with a diameter of 2.5-4 see
On the first day after tonsillectomy patient is placed on its side, it is strictly forbidden to talk, to eat and to keep swallowing all the time. In the following days recommended sparing diet - milk, sour cream, cereals, etc.
Within 5-6 days after tonsillectomy is the patient in hospital. After discharge during 6-7 days keepeth at home. Gradually expanded diet. Within 10 to 12 days prohibited physical activity are excluded factors causing a rush of blood to the head (shampoo, etc).
Complications tonsillectomy: during the operation can be heavy bleeding due to abnormalities of a. tonsillaris. Postoperative bleeding may occur because of the removal of a blood clot in the operating wound.