Tonzillacktomii syndrome

Tonzillacktomii syndrome - changes from the side of cardiovascular system, occurring in patients with chronic tonsillitis. Tonzillacktomii syndrome is caused by pathological reflexes and allergic reactions to the heart muscle by bacterial toxins and products of tissue destruction of the tonsils.
Clinical manifestations of consilierilor syndrome depends on the degree of destruction of the tonsils. In simple tonsillitis (see) in patients can be complaints about stabbing pain and the unpleasant feeling in the heart, not associated with physical activity, less often interruptions and heart rate. Objective examination of the changes in the heart are missing or blurred expressed in the form of prislusenstvi tones heart, functional systolic noise (see), unstable heart rate, occasionally arrythmia (see heart Arrhythmia).
In severe (toxico-allergic), flowing with frequent exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis symptoms of cardiovascular system are much brighter. Patients may experience pain in the heart, which are on exertion, dizziness, palpitations. Auscultation of the heart often find muting tone, systolic murmur, tachycardia. Often detected changes on ECG, evidence of damage to the heart muscle. When consilierilor syndrome may experience weakness, malaise, low grade fever, pain in joints; in the study of blood sometimes there is a moderate leukocytosis. Tonzillacktomii syndrome must be differentiated from infectious or rheumatic myocarditis (see). Unlike the defeat of the heart at consilierilor syndrome, rheumatic myocarditis almost never occurs in isolation and, as a rule, combined with endocarditis (see).
Forecast when consilierilor syndrome favorable with timely treatment of tonsillitis.
Treatment of consilierilor syndrome is conservative treatment of tonsillitis (see) or tonsillectomy (see) and the appointment sedatives (see). After this vision tonzillacktomii syndromes gradually disappear, although in some cases may persist for 1-3 years. Patients tonzillacktomii syndrome should be under medical supervision until complete recovery.