Tooth elixirs

Tooth elixirs are most likely not independent and auxiliary hygienic means which are designed to promote more complete cleaning and deodorization of the oral cavity. They are typically used for rinsing after brushing your teeth, and also after meal, to remove its remains.
Tooth elixir " usually consists of a water-alcohol solution, which adds an aromatic oil, menthol, vanillin, antiseptic, dye amaranth.
Different perfume and cosmetic companies produce a fairly large range of hygienic tooth elixirs, which include only refreshing and flavouring preparations: "flora", "Lemon", "Ideal", "Freshness", "Mint" and some others.
Recently in tooth elixirs with the purpose of giving them treatment-and-prophylactic properties were added biologically active preparations. This dental elixirs should be preferred. Let us dwell on the description of the most common treatment-and-prophylactic elixirs, moreover, that the research of many scientists convincingly confirmed their beneficial effect on the tissues of the oral cavity.
So, "Biolexin"issued Riga perfume and cosmetics factory "Dzintars", contains product life of bee propolis (bee-glue), which has a good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, deodorizing and weak analgesic effect.
Lviv perfume factory has released tooth elixir "Health", which contains hydroalcoholic infusion of St. John's wort. This tooth elixir has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, refreshes your mouth.
Moscow cosmetic Association "Freedom" produces two new tooth elixir "Forest" and "Eucalyptus". In the first part of coniferous chloro-Filo-carotene mass, rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, balms and other useful biologically active substances. The composition of the tooth elixir "Eucalyptus" is a complex of water-alcohol infusions of herbs that contain vitamins, tanning and antiseptic substance, chlorophyll, and essential oils. Both dental elixir have a good deodorizing effect, active anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.
This Association released a new tooth elixir "Special", containing sodium fluoride. It can be recommended for Molokans for the prevention of dental caries.