Peat "tanning"

Peat "tanning" is a peculiar phenomenon of dehydration encountered in the corpse when hit him in peat bogs and soils that contain humic acids. The corpsein a state of peat tanned, has thick dark brown, as if tanned skin. Internal organs decrease in volume. Under the influence of humic acids, mineral salts in the bones completely dissolved and washed away from the corpse. Bones in this state, the consistency remind cartilage and are easily cut with a knife.
Microscopic examination observed the safety of the structure of the skin and muscle, and nerve trunks. The preparations are almost always found a foreign body (the mycelium, mold)located on the surface of the skin. Corpses in peat swamps are well preserved indefinitely and in their research, you can define received during the life of the damage.
A corpse may be in some other conditions under which the process of rotting terminated in the initial period of its development, and also can persist indefinitely. So, dead in the water with high concentration of salts, are in a state of natural preservation. If the corpses are in oil, it also promotes natural conservation.
Low ambient temperature creates conditions for natural conservation bodies, for example in winter corpses can persist for many months, and in conditions of permafrost for thousands of years.