Partnership as the first step of friendship and love

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The partnership can be considered the first step of human relationships. So man could live among people and able to communicate with them, he must learn to be a friend. He must be a kind of school relations and as the beginning of her - first class - partnership. Remember, in the moral code of the Builder of communism, said, "the Man is a friend, comrade and brother." Such harmony, the unity of noble feelings is possible only when we teach our children to be such people a high class. And our primary task is to take them from class to class this great school of human dignity, starting with the class of the partnership. Then along with the study of the native literature, science and other subjects he will study the most important science of life: how to become a respected, necessary, useful to the people man, how to learn to understand and help others, how to relate to himself and to his friends.
Interviews with students of the primary school, their answers, essays show that not all children have the right view and the concept of partnership. Where parents started early to take care of the education of Man, the children formed a good amount of knowledge about the friendly relations. But the trouble, if the family was not created trainee moral practice. Talk about good in their relations were not associated with a specific life of children. Were not created the conditions for the manifestation of the friendly feelings to the people around - kindness, care, tenderness, warmth and others
The guys who do not have friends, knowledge about the correct and decent relations often are not fixed deeds.
Student of 4-th class of Paradise on the question of why she tells Natasha, replied: "why, we comrades on the Desk".
The student of 5-th class Lena fellow class had ever seen at the entrance of the house with a cigarette in his mouth. Many people knew that the girl smokes, first secretly and then openly, and even with a certain pride. The guys knew that Lena smokes, and that it is deprecated. Knew and said nothing. And when the secret became a reality, the question many teachers said: "...of Course, knew, that it is bad, but to say about Lena, means to be a tattletale(!)...".
If you ask children why they consider friends of one or another boy or girl, they often say, "He is my friend because I study in the same class. I do not like him, but in our class, it is better not... so we have to talk to him...".
"Comrade it to me just because we live in the same house, walking in the same court yard".
Statements of children indicate that in their minds there is no clear understanding of the essence of the partnership that relationships are formed spontaneously, non-critical, and therefore lead to bad results. Hence the duty of parents and teachers to explain to the kids what's the point of this partnership. What we call a friend? The person who lives in our country, in our city, in school, working at the factory, and even lives in some other country, but share our views, ideas, beliefs. Children need to show good examples of history, the meaning of the partnership.
Russian revolutionaries of the past century. What United them? The General idea is the liberation of ordinary people from exploitation by landlords and capitalists, What noble traditions were born in those days - to be faithful to their duty, his comrades, in every possible way to help them, help them, support. Prisoners sitting in prisons, remained loyal to the idea of the partnership and, despite torture and deprivation, never gave the tsarist authorities. Such courage, loyalty to fellow-revolutionaries was typical, for example, the Decembrists, who dared to raise their voice against the tsarist autocracy.
You need to explain to the children what is the attitude to the comrades said about their will, courage, endurance. In the name of the ideas of comradely solidarity people went to certain death, and not naming names "instigators of revolt against the king. In this case, they showed themselves as true friends. This attitude has nothing to do with occasional uncritical approach our children to the actions of Their comrades. Harboring bad deeds means in these cases, not strength, but the weakness of nature, the will of man, makes it a poor comrade harmful to the society, to himself and the person he covers.
A true friend is the first and best assistant in the elimination of deficiencies. As a rule, he first notices these shortcomings, boldly says about them and helps to correct them.
A real friend knows how to respect people, he never hurt the weak, will not nagrubil others, do not refuse to help those who need it.
A real friend helps all who find it difficult, particularly when no one does it. He enjoys playing, cheerful and courteous to all. These comrades are pupils, nobody emitting from the total number of children (with few exceptions). This nedifferentsirovannost, nerazdelennaya, community partnership inherent in young children because of their physical and mental development. Especially it concerns first two years. At the end of the third or fourth class students begin to appear new, more complex relationships. There is the first friendship, but it almost does not differ from the partnership. Selecting from the class of those who like more children at the same time communicate with other students. And even those who like more, they do not show the sequence and a special loyalty: today they played with Vova, and on another day with Victor. Therefore, the relations between younger children can be called the society of friendship.