Ajwain, fragrant iowan

ajwain, yovan fragrantAjwain, yovan sweet - Trachyspermum ammi (L. Sprague.
The Family Umbrella - Apiaceae Lindl.
Annual herbaceous plant, 70-80 cm length, with a twofold or tremperature leaves, cut into small linear share.
White flowers are collected in parasols end shoots of all orders. Each umbrella is a wrapper of linear leaves, dying by the time of fruiting plants.
The fruit is a caryopsis decaying into two polupoltina, each of which has five ribs and canaliculi for accumulation of essential oil.
Ajwain cultivated since ancient times in India. In the USSR, it was cultivated in Kyrgyzstan.
In our conditions to obtain even sprouts ajwain seeds should be sown in progresuos soil, in late March - early April. Plants responsive to fertilizers and irrigation.
The main medicinal raw fruits included in the VIII-X Governaciy USSR apply both stimulating and carminative means. Essential oil contains 40-60% thymol, used for manufacture of toothpastes and mouthwashes. Now as antihelminthic and antiseptic agent.