The consolidation of the grafts on granulating surface

Prepared transplant slightly dilate (starting to SIAT made cuts) prepared and put on the wound surface. Sterile gauze swab or wipes his smooth and carefully press to a granulating surface. While from under the flap remove the air, the remains of blood or fluid. As a result, the flap is quite firmly glued to granulating surface.
On the edge of the transplant sew to others and to be fabrics knotted seam of thin catgut or of fine silk. Then the flap is in the Central part of the test several ligatures knotty of a seam the surface of the defect and the ends of strings tied on top cotton-gauze swabs imposed on the transplant.
P. F. Simbirtsev and J. I. Shneiberg recommend to impose the transplanted graft bandage soaked Vishnevsky ointment.
We successfully use floor transplant vaseline ointment (vaseline medical 100.0 g, streptocide white 5,0 g and penicillin 1000 000 UNITS). Before using the ointment in a water bath of molten, thoroughly mixed and melted apply a thick layer on the surface of transplanted graft and surrounding tissue.
Dressing and processing transplant in the absence of evidence is not recommended. Sutures are removed on 12-14 day.
In the future, if necessary, make toilet field operations, and in 2-3 weeks ensure that the transplanted graft was protected. Usually at this time in the area of lesion develops itching and animals can comb, lick and grab teeth pigiausiu flap. To remove the effects itching, we used diphenhydramine, bromide and barbiturates. I. I. Shneiberg recommends in this period to apply luminal, promedol and the mixture Bekhterev.