Taking flap for transplantation

The transplant take on parts of the body with the most thin and mobile skin, easy to assemble in large folds and has developed a layer of dense connective tissue and the minimum amount of body fat. In cattle, the best place of the taking of the skin flap is the side surface of the chest and abdomen, in horses neck, predgradie, chest and stomach, dogs - side surface of the chest and abdomen.
For the 20-24 hour. to excision of the flap thoroughly but gently shave hair and skin wipe iodized alcohol or alcohol-ether and water solutions of antibiotics or pripudrivayut powder of sulfonamides with antibiotics.
I. I. Shneiberg recommends that donor plot close cloth moistened with antibiotics, and bandage from cellophane oilcloth and gauze.
Just before taking transplant skin wipe alcohol-ether or pure ether and lines of future cuts bordering flap, grease with tincture of iodine. We effect applied irradiation of donor skin bactericidal lamp within 15-25 minutes Conduct thorough anesthesia, which is achieved by use of novocaine and narcotic drugs. When a local anesthetic is necessary to avoid the introduction of novokaina solution in the thickness of the skin, as in these cases turns rough surface of the donor area and part of the solution is on the surface of the skin, making it difficult to take it. Therefore it is better to apply conduction anesthesia, around the donor site on a circle or enter a solution novokaina deep in the subcutaneous tissue.

  • Taking subepidermal flap
  • Taking Epidermophyton flap
  • The capture of full-thickness flap
  • The consolidation of the grafts on granulating surface
  • Transplantation of small pieces of skin
  • Strengthening of pieces of skin in the granulation