Injuries of the peripheral nervous system

Injuries of the peripheral nervous system include bruises and sprains peripheral nerves.
Injuries of peripheral nerves usually accompany the bruises surrounding muscles. Often, however, the effects caused by injury nerve become the leading among other manifestations of injury. So, pain at the site of injury join pain along the nerve. Injuries of peripheral nerves can be observed in practicing different sports. For example, if you fencing swords blow to the region, where the radiation or the ulnar nerve, not protected by the elbow guard, causes sharp pain; simultaneously expressed muscle weakness, the athlete is unable to keep the weapon; rockets or, on the contrary, decreases sensitivity in the forearm, hand and fingers.
Stretching the nerve can be observed in gymnastics, acrobatics, athletics and other sports. Most often stretched sciatic nerve (when performing different exercises on stretching, with a sharp Mahe straight leg, jump, sharp incline the body to the extended forward leg while in the twine and so on). Stretching brachial plexus happens when wykrota on gymnastic apparatus, holding some of the techniques in the fight, too sharp swing in the javelin.
The main sign of tension - short-term pain at the moment of damage. In subsequent marked pain, disturbance of sensation and muscle weakness in the area corresponding to the branching of damaged nerves.
First aid - the simplest methods of anesthesia: applying cold or irrigation chloroethyl. Further treatment is physical therapy practices, with 4-5-th day after the injury is widely used light massage.