The General notion of pre-pathological conditions, diseases and injuries in athletes

As noted above, one of the essential tasks of sports medicine is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, i.e. violations of the integrity of tissues and organs as a result of external impact, as well as diseases that occur in athletes.
In respect of sports traumatology questions of diagnostics are not for the doctor of special difficulties, the diagnosis of diseases and pathological conditions in athletes is complicated by the fact that the transition from the physiological state of systems and organs to pathological happens sometimes imperceptibly, without causing any subjective sensations.
The main causes of injuries and diseases in athletes can be divided into two large groups.
1. Reasons not connected with sports. These include various infectious diseases arising from contact with infected persons, and other diseases related to the impact of the external environment that affect the athlete, as to any person not involved in sports. This group includes and household injuries, not due to sports activities.
Thus, in this group of reasons this is common diseases and injuries that occur constantly in everyday medical practice. Why they should engage in sports medicine?
The importance and necessity of the study of these common diseases and injuries in athletes is that they are kind, not as persons not involved in sports. This is because morphologically and functionally athlete is different from a person not involved in sports.
These differences greatly complicate diagnosis, and to some extent can change and commonly used treatment.
2. The reasons that depend on sports. These reasons are first of all connected with irrational organization of training process, excessive exercise, used for sports training. Such a burden, not taking into account individual peculiarities of the athlete may be the cause of diseases of various organs and systems, sometimes even leading to death.
It should be borne in mind that the concept of excess weight is not always linked to the notion of high or maximum load.
Excessive is such a burden that regardless of its intensity and duration exceeds the possibilities of performing this burden face at the moment.
This means that the same exercise can be for one small, but for a different excessive. Thus, what is of great significance individualization of training process, creation of optimum load corresponding to this particular entity, i.e. the lack of overload.
Essential in this group of causes are the wrong combination of work and rest, the lack of continuity in the load increases, especially after the forced break in trainings, as well as the material-technical and sanitary-hygienic shortcomings.
Enormous role played by the behavior of the athlete. We are talking about violations of the day regimen, diet, combined training with intense study and so on
Sports, if training is properly constructed, can't be causing no sickness or injury. The only exceptions are the cases where there are deviations in the health of the athlete. Then, well-structured training may be the cause of the disease. Such cases can be two: 1) ignoring the coach and teacher of a physician about the restriction or prohibition of physical activity; 2) the admission to the training of the sportsman, from whom and to sports was a disease that was not previously diagnostirovanna or nedoocenivaete doctor permitting tolerance, increased or manifested in physical culture and sport.
Found underestimation identified by a doctor at the athlete's diseases connected with the fact that thanks to the huge compensatory abilities of the organism athlete even with deviations in health status can set records. However, as already mentioned, despite this, one should not allow such persons to sports, because compensatory possibilities are not boundless and variations in health status, sooner or later, but necessarily identified.
Sometimes variations in health status are considered by the doctor as a "feature" of an athlete, while these features are a disease that requires treatment.
Causes of sports injuries in addition to poor organization and methods of conducting training sessions may be a violation of the rules of detention places of practice, required security, apply rivals barred, failure to follow medical recommendations and adverse weather conditions.
Although the percentage of cases among athletes small, but the coach and teacher should know these diseases, their causes, symptoms and preventive measures preventing their emergence.
Thus, it is obvious that sports as such do not cause disease and absolutely healthy athletes, rationally training, can't get sick. Therefore, if an athlete is ill, it is necessary each time to identify the cause of the disease.