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  • Herbs, flowers, fruits. Do we know them? Learned to read the book of nature? What do we know about fruits and vegetables, except that they are useful, that they have a lot of vitamins? No wonder, for example, say, "Grow black currant for grandchildren, red - for children and white - for yourself". Why so? It turns out, anthocyanin, a special substance that gives vegetables and fruits are dark-red, affects the circulation: increases the number of erythrocytes, platelets, increases hemoglobin, but greatly reduces the number of leukocytes. And in various diseases of the reduction or increase of those or other elements of the blood may be undesirable.
    And these are the qualities of not only current, but also Aronia, cherry, blueberry, Irgun, somewhat less blueberries, sugar beet.
    Or another "paint" vegetables and fruit is yellow. It is characteristic of carotene. Namely it and its derivatives helps normal activities of our mucous membranes, skin. It protects us from infections, normalizes the activity of the system and prevents the development of anemia. Scientists have found that carotene reduces radiation effect, promotes excretion of heavy metals. It would seem that the substance that is necessary for all and always. And again it is not so. In some diseases carotene can weaken the effect of treatment.
    It is known that some fruits and berries contain pectin, which are crucial for the body. This gift of the vegetable Kingdom, perhaps, its value is second only to the chlorophyll is an indispensable raw material for the production of hemoglobin in the body. It pectin adsorb toxic substances, which are neutralized and eliminated from the body. He protects us from the increased radiation, normalizes the amount of cholesterol, a beneficial effect on intracellular reactions of respiration and metabolism, increases resistance to allergic factors. And the available reserve of pectin - fruits and berries. In them it is much more than in grain and vegetables.
    All this you can find out if a good understanding of what lies in healing the basket. And remember that no single fruit or vegetable can not say that they are useful in General and all. They are useful in time, to the extent and only to those who need.
    But to the healing of the basket was always full, we must remember that everything that surrounds us, we who are living now on the Earth, and those who will live after us.
    In the book on concrete examples of the collection of medicinal plants is told about the correct attitude toward nature of preservation of green resources that we possess.