Hygienic requirements to pioneer camps

Pioneer camp is intended for the removal of children and teenagers in the summer time to strengthen their health. In accordance with the norms of the summer camps are designed to 120-400 places.
Urban pioneer camps are intended for the organization and holding of summer camps remaining in summer in the city. They are organized at schools, parks and so on
Land plot for camp is given near a good source of water supply is based 100-200 m2 per student. Built on the site should take no more than 15% of the area, green areas - 60%. Construction it is recommended to stage the system.
Health gaps between buildings on the site comprise not less than 25 m, and between residential buildings and kitchen - not less than 30 meters Distance from Nadvirna latrines before sleeping rooms should be not less than 25 m and not more than 100 m, to the table - not less than 50 M. On the plot must be two entrances - main and economic.
In a pioneer camp provides for the following rooms and facilities:
a) sleeping rooms for the pioneers. When you might want to equip the veranda to sleep in the open air;
b) the premises for catering (dining room or shed, kitchen and other);
C) premises and sites for kruikovo-mass and sports work;
g) health facilities (medical station, detention centre, shaded rest area, Solarium, shower).
Special attention is paid to the water supply. On each of the pioneer should be 40-50 litres water with export system and 100 l in the presence of sewage.
Special attention should be paid to the organization and work of the food block.
City pioneer camp is usually placed in a school or club. The camp should be provided pioneer bathroom, bathroom hobby, day dream.
In the bedroom on each student should have no less than 3.5 m2 floor space.
On the site should be green areas, areas for outdoor games, athletic exercises.