General requirements for methods of medical application of physical exercises

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Before you begin classes of medical physical culture, you need to define the task of the medical usage of physical exercises and then to choose the means and forms for the decision of these problems. For example, the tasks of medical physical culture in a patient cholecystitis such as: improvement of metabolism, improvement and strengthening of the entire body, improve blood circulation in organs of the abdominal cavity, promote the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder, combating constipation.
It is natural, that for the decision of these tasks the most suitable will be gymnastic exercises for the body and legs, breathing exercises, i.e., diaphragmatic and complete the "counter" breath when the breath is drawn belly running smoothly (to reflex not cause spasm of smooth muscles of psoriasis), walking with high lifting hips, boating and throwing balls. If all of the above exercises, there is an alteration increase and reduction of intra-abdominal pressure.
In order to correctly define the tasks and to choose the form and means, it is necessary to take into account the phase of the disease, the body's response to the disease, the condition of all organs and systems, not involved in the disease process, the influence of the applied regime on individual manifestations of the disease, mental reaction to the patient disease. One should also take into account the entire complex is used remedial measures. It is important in all cases comply with the principle of combination of General and local influence of physical exercises, bearing in mind that, no matter how insignificant was no disease or damage, recovery always depends on the General condition of the patient.
The therapeutic effect of exercise is reached only in case of frequent and prolonged their application and with sufficient intensity. Therapeutic physical training should be repeated daily, sometimes several times a day. Impact intensity will gradually increase, as only increase the load will provide a systematic improvement of the level of fitness of the patient and the improvement of the General condition.
Dose, i.e. the size, physical activity depends on the nature of the exercises, the original provisions of the rate and amplitude of the execution of a tension of the muscles, quantity of repetitions, total number of exercises, the density of classes and the emotional level of their holding.
In the selection of exercises you should consider, in addition to the above, koordinirovannogo movements of the patient, method of performing the movements (active, with or passively) and the level of training (on the basis of questioning and functional tests).