Hygienic requirements to the regime of work, rest, a daily routine. Sleep hygiene

The basis of the correct organization of labor expected physiological doctrine I. P. Pavlov about the unity of the body and regulating role of the cerebral cortex in the processes occurring in the body. Therefore, the condition of normal life and health is the prevention of the depletion of brain cortex.
It is known that the brain has the ability of a protective inhibition that protect nerve cells from exhaustion. But under the influence of adverse factors (external and internal) may come a weakening of this process. Therefore, to preserve health and the health of the importance of strengthening and preserving the proper tone of the higher nervous activity. The great value has the correct alternation of work and rest, timely meal (at a certain time of day), normal sleep, a gradual increase in the load on the nervous system.
The schedule and duration of individual operational aspects (work, rest, sleep, and others) are made with respect to the age and individual peculiarities. For example, children under school age elementary school students should eat at least 5 times a day, while adults normal is 3-4-times meal.
The duration of sleep for children and adults also differs significantly. Labour processes in children should be accompanied by more frequent breaks. The duration of the working day in adolescents less than that of adult workers.
The rest should be active. Change of activities relieves fatigue and health preservation. What matters is not only the duration of rest, but also to properly organize it. Inactive rest is not conducive to recovery. In many enterprises, the introduction of production gymnastics during short breaks increased productivity on 3-14 %.
While relaxing after physical work should be easy load those muscles that are not involved in the work. People doing mental work during rest is recommended easy physical work. Rest during the working day must not be a long, otherwise eliminated the so-called state of "srabatyvaet".
In addition to daily rest, the body needs the weekly rest. It is expedient to carry out outside the city. Regular holidays, vacations, best done not in a typical home environment, and outside the city. Useful mountaineering, tourism, stay in the rest house.
To restore the health of the cerebral cortex is important sleep. During sleep, the cells of the cerebral cortex restore its normal composition and performance, removed them from the products of metabolism. Sleep should be deep enough and long, which is especially important when working in the evening and Night shifts. The dream of the adult person should last 7-8 hours per day. The younger the body, the longer should be a dream. Children should sleep and in the middle of the day. The elderly recommended afternoon sleep for 1-2 hours